Dear crochet hook, I am sorry for abandoning you for so long…

crochet blanket

I was shocked to see that the last crochet FO was back in December (a small crochet snowman just in time for Christmas) and the last big project (Japanese Crochet Tunic) was finished back in November! No way! I’ve been cheating with needles for too long! I am determined to include crochet in my creative life on more regular basis.

This weekend I was organizing my stash and finding hidden treasures. Among relatively “fresh” and young skeins, I found the ones that I got one year and half ago in Mexico City – Mexican 100% cotton. It’s really one of the softest cotton skeins I have ever worked with. These are “leftovers” from my previous projects. Well, not really leftovers – there are more skeins left than I used for the garments, but I fell in love with the colors, so I couldn’t resist and got carried away – bought way too much yarn on my last trip to Mexican capital. These lovely skeins are spun very loosely, which gives them its softness and squashiness, though due to this the fabric they create is prone to pilling. Which is really not a big problem for me, after I wash it, it comes back to normal.

I chose these lovely neutral colors.

cotton yarn

The white was used in my Simple White Sweater project; white and grey – Marine Striped Dress; and beige – Fitted Raglan Pullover. All these projects are very dear to my heart and I am happy to come back to this yarn again. As for the project – I want to make a chunky textured “bumpy” blanket. At least that’s what I see in my head. I thought that I’ve never made anything for our home in my life and I want something cozy to wrap myself in while reading, crafting or just cuddling in bed with my cat and a giant glass of milk/banana smoothie (I am addicted to it lately!).The yarn I am using is of fingering weight, so in order to achieve “chunkiness” I am holding 3 strands together.

crochet blanket

After rummaging in Ravelry for some time I haven’t found the perfect recipe, but after awhile I found the most beautiful crochet stitch! It is a textured chevron stitch published on! You can find the stitch instructions with a great photo-tutorial here – Crochet Textured Wave Stitch. I love love love its texture! And it gives so much space for color experiments – the stitch looks great in solid color and in stripes!

crochet blanket

I am figuring out the numbers for it right now. You can experiment on your own, but if you don’t feel like it, I am going to write the “pattern” for you as soon as I am done with this basic math. Because it is absolutely gorgeous!!! I am in love with the swatch!

crochet blanket

I called the project Chunky ChevronSo excited to be back to crochet!

I hope you had a lovely weekend!