Today was the last day of #CraftyBlissChallenge organized by Julie from Knitted Bliss and Melissa from Miso Crafty Knits. The idea was to post a picture on your Instagram feed for 10 days in a row, each day had a prompt that could be interpreted anyway you feel like. As soon as I saw Julie’s post about it, I decided to jump right in. This is something completely new for as I am not really active on social platforms except for Ravelry and lately Instagram.

To be honest I have a very “bad” reputation on social platforms in my “real” life 🙂 I just forget that they are out there! When I visit my personal Facebook account once in a blue moon I see tons of messages asking where I am and what happened to me, expired invitations to birthdays and other social events 🙂 I am just not a social platform girl in my “real” life. Call me if you need me! 🙂

With knitting it is a different story. Maybe I don’t post on my Facebook page travel, wedding or just everyday pictures, but  if I could I would post every single stitch progress on my Ravelry/Instagram page! I love to celebrate knitwear! The process itself is so so enjoable for me that it seems I want to scream to the world – Come on, guys! Working with yarn is the most amazing thing in the world! Join the fun! When I just started the blog I posted 5-6 times a week! Crazy, I know. After some time I felt that spending all this time online is actually limiting my time for crafting. I try to control myself now and not post more than three times a week on the blog 🙂

So anyway. The idea of challenging my imagination and creativity on Instagram was too tempting. I really liked how the prompts were ambiguous and could be interpreted in so many different ways. It reminded me of an exercise that we did in the writing course during my university years – you take out a paper with a random sentence and write an essay insterpreteing this sentence any way you want. A real boost for creativity!

I’ve never tried posting every single day on Instagram for so long and it was pretty challenging! But I really love how it made me look at my stash/WIPs/FOs from the new perspective. Here is my 10 day gallery of #craftyblisschallenge.

crochet dress

Day 1 – How sweet it is

hand knit sweater

Day 2 – What are you crafting now


Day 3 – Sunday morning

knitting cables

Day 4 – Inspiration/Motivation

crochet yarn

Day 5 – In the bag

hand knit sweater

Day 6 – A favorite quote


Day 7 – Pretty things


Day 8 – Something delicious


Day 9 – Riot of color

crochet chevron blanket

Day 10 – Cozy

The best thing was of course to meet new people who also joined the fun. Thank you for being so creative and inspiring! Thank you, Julie and Melissa for bringing so many people together for these 10 days. It was a joy!

What about you? Do you love to celebrate your craft online?

Happy Sunday!