Today was the last day of three very stressful months. I’ve been literally torn apart, and not just me – basically every single person at work. To cut a long story short, after all the administrative problems, discussions, fighting between school owners and the madness that has been going on – the school is shutting down. Every single employee is leaving, including me.

I’ve found myself at the crossroads. I have several job offers in my mail and I feel… nothing. Just completely burnt out and empty. I feel like I closed one chapter of my life and still haven’t opened a new one. It feels like I am floating in the empty space, absolute vacuum.

The only feeling that I can distinguish right now is the feeling of gratefulness. I am deeply grateful for the time that I spent there, I am deeply grateful to people that I met and that made this time so special, I am grateful to children that became my teachers and I am grateful to the universe that gave me this wonderful opportunity. It surely changed my life and my vision of life, I will always carry it in my heart.

Knitting. My life vacuum has crawled into my knitting/crochet as well. Before my dear friend left, I finished one more sweater for her in this beautiful yarn and a scarf for my Granny. I didn’t have any time to take pictures or any notes of these projects, so I can’t show you any FO evidence. At the moment I have nothing, absolutely nothing in progress! Rarely happens to me. But my hands are already reaching for yarn balls and my head is full of new ideas, so I am sure that this creative vacuum won’t last for long.

Yarn bowlReading. Whenever there is a bump in my life road, I pick up this book.


It reminds me of simple little things and of the true beauty and magic of life.

I hope you having a wonderful and peaceful week!

Joining Ginny for Yarnalong.