New Dress Is On The Way

After the Violet Gift came off the machine, I got a new project to cast on. My very close friend Akiba asked me to make a birthday gift for a very special woman in her life. She thought a handmade dress will be the best way to show her appreciation and gratitude.

So, this week I was sketching, planning, choosing and winding yarn, knitting multiply swatches to find the perfect tension and breaking my head over the shape, neckline style and finished measurements of the future dress.

Machine Knitting

I am facing several difficulties. First of all, I’ve never met this lady in real life, so I don’t have the slightest idea what her measurements might be. Second of all, she lives in the USA and the dress is supposed to be a surprise which gives me zero chances to take any measurements myself or ask her to do it. The only information I have is my friend’s description of her body type, and her husband’s approximate notes of her height and weight. And from my personal experience men are not to be trusted in these questions. I have a picture of her where she wears like three layers of clothes. Not very helpful 🙂

It would be ok if I was going to make a sweater with a generous ease, but this is a dress. They can be completely unpredictable. My friend says that her friend prefers close-fitting garments and is very particular how they fit her. Great. I have no space for mistakes.

I literally have dreams about this dress. Two days ago the whole finished image came to me in a dream, I am not exaggerating – I really saw every single detail of it. I called my friend and described how I see the final design, yarn and color. She says this is so her style! Ok. This part is over.

Next. Measurements. As I said I have some reference points, again, based on assumptions and not the real measurements. So I started to look for standard measurements in hope to find some clues what I am supposed to get at the end. Oh, boy. Why, why do people call standard measurements “standard”, if all these standards are different from one another and one standard can be absolutely out of standard in other standards?!! I think it’s obvious now that I am freaking out about this dress. 🙂

I have one week left (!!!) to finish the dress and it seems like I am going to make it at nights as my day job is so crazy right now. No need to panic… At least that’s what I repeat to myself.

Anyway. I have the following ready:

  • Skeins of beautiful 100% cotton of my favorite neutral color

Machine Knitting

  • Final measurements with ease that I am still not 100% sure about, but I just don’t have time left to recheck and “retweak” all the numbers. So, my only option is to follow them and hope for the better.
  • The sketch of the dress.

What is left:

  • To do all the math, I hope to finish it tomorrow.
  • Knit a dress on the machine
  • Block the dress
  • Put it together by hand
  • Add finishing touches by hand

One. Week. I think I need a big piece of chocolate cake. And milk, please.

Off to my knitting machine. Wish me luck 🙂

Machine Knitting

 I hope you had a lovely weekend!






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Gifts of Knitting. New Old Yarn and Giveaway.

Something absolutely amazing, magical and mind-blowing happened to me last week! And only knitters will understand how amazing, magical and mind-blowing it was!

Ok, you already know that I happen to live in Mexico right now, in town with no yarn. Sounds scary, right? Getting new and good yarn is a real challenge for me, but most of all I am frustrated about the fact that I am a lonely knitter, absolutely devoid of the company of other knitters, of the opportunity to attend any fiber related events and yarn stores. So, the last events seem absolutely incredible to me! The world is so small and full of miracles!

A couple of weeks ago three completely different women contacted me to say that they know one amazing knitter who happens to be in town right now and I absolutely have to meet her. It was so bizarre – these three women didn’t know each other, but thought about me during the same week and were kind enough to put me in touch with a fellow knitter. How amazing is that?!

What happened next was like a scene from the movie. These things just don’t happen in real life, at least in my life! 🙂 A fellow knitter turned to be Kelley! If you know Knit Picks, you know Kelley. Kelley and her husband founded this amazing yarn company in 2002. We met, we talked and talked and talked, about everything “knitty” and “yarny” in this world! My friend who came with me was a little bit lost – she couldn’t understand the most we were talking about 🙂 We really spoke one language – yarn, knitting, crocheting, favorite knitting blogs and designers and so on and so forth… It was so fascinating for me to have somebody in “real life” to talk to and share my passion!

Kelley knows better than I do how hard it is to get yarn in Mexico. The choice is basically restricted to cotton, which is pretty good quality, and acrylic. She offered me her stash yarn that she probably won’t be able to use. What?! Yarn?! For me?!!! I must be dreaming! To cut a long story short, I found myself with this treasure.


How, how, how is it even possible?!!

I admit. I cried. I’ve never ever in my life touched such a beauty. I’ve read about it, I saw pictures, I dreamed about it, but I’ve never even put my hands on this kind of yarn – Peruvian highland wool, merino wool, silk, alpaca… All these words were filling my dreams, but not my hands. I was so touched by Kelley’s generosity, openness and desire to share her knowledge! I promise to put this treasure in good use! What an incredible gift, a gift of knitting, to find a new friend who shares your passion…

And I have a gift of knitting for you! Lovely Julie from Knitted Bliss is offering you a copy of her new cowl design that I had a pleasure to test knit.

Knitting Cowl

Hyperballad cowl pattern gives you the opportunity to work with beautiful cables and lovely texture of broken rib stitch. In one pattern you will find instructions how to make two cowls. The smaller cowl will use only 1 skein of DK yarn, a perfect project for leftover yarn! With just two skeins you will be able to make a bigger version to wrap yourself in its gorgeous cables!

To enter this giveaway leave a comment below and let me know –  will this cowl become a gift for you or for somebody else? The winning comment, randomly chosen, will be announced on Friday, 24th of April!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!



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New Beginnings. Deep End Shawl.

New beginnings…
Knitting YarnThis yarn pyramid is about to be turned into Deep End shawl. The pattern was in my Ravelry queue for many weeks and I am happy to finally get to it. It will be an in-between project to work at during road and hiking trips and casual no-brainer knitting time. After rummaging in my stash I found local 100% cotton yarn – Eulali. I am going to use five colors instead of six recommended in the pattern, as nothing else seems to match.

Knitting YarnThe shawl will be a part of Andi’s KAL, April is the last month so I better hurry up with it! Summer is just two months away which means I have to really start working on gift knitting for my dear family – this July I am planning to send a parcel with handknits to my Grannies and Mom in Russia. I feel sad of not being able to visit this year. The most that I can do is to put all the love and warmth of my hands in each stitch… The shawl will be perfect for my dear Mom!

Knitting YarnThe colors are so fresh and all about spring! I think this is the first time I am using so many colors in one pattern and choosing them wasn’t easy! I feel like an artist with a palette of water colors 🙂

Knitting YarnThe pattern recommends 3.25mm (US 3) needles, well, knowing myself I went down to 2.5mm and the gauge is actually matching perfectly! Garter stitch, I missed you!

Knitting YarnI hope you had a lovely weekend!



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Joined the Gang

Last week I got a package from Wool and The Gang.

Knitting blog monthly


It brought a lot of new crafty experience for me. There are a lot of “firsts” in there for me. It’s the first knitting kit in my life! I finally have the yarn that is recommended in the pattern, which means I don’t have to recalculate all the numbers. The kit includes 4 balls of Shiny Happy Cotton (100% pima cotton) yarn, 5 mm needles, booklet with pattern instructions, sewing needle and stretchy ribbon.


This is the first time I am making a skirt! It’s a completely new territory for me and I am excited to explore it. The pattern looks pretty easy, but with an interesting touch of moss stitch panel which spices up the background stockinette stitch. I love how the colors are slightly blurred in the moss stitch part. Such a small detail, but it makes a difference! I fell in love with Riviera Skirt design. Simple, modern and so perfect for spring/summer season.


The colors just scream – It’s spring!


This bunch of yarn balls makes me ridiculously happy. I couldn’t stop taking pictures!


This is the first time I am working with pima cotton. What a joy it is! So incredibly soft against the skin. I am savoring every single stitch.


The pattern recommends to use 5 mm (US 8) needles…


… but I know my hands – I am a very loose knitter. Got all the way down to 3.5 mm (US 4) and got the perfectly matching gauge!



I feel like this project will become my faithful companion in early morning hours of before work knitting time and during long road trips. Will keep you posted on the progress!

My Ravelry Riviera Skirt project page can be found here.

I hope you are having a wonderful week!


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Lost in Color

Out of two beautiful patterns I chose “Deep End” to start with.

Shawl Knitting

Deep End by Heidi Kirrmaier

As I am a faithful garment knitter/crocheter, this will become only my second shawl. The pattern got me instantly. Simple, but with an interesting twist. I know it’s meant to be knit and fly to Russia to fall on my Mom’s shoulders. Such an elegant and versatile design! I am sure she will love it!

I definitely don’t possess the natural talent of combining the colors, that’s why I very rarely choose multicolored patterns. I am at my wit’s end what to choose, completely lost.

Digging into the depths of my stash.

Knitting yarn

And that is just a fraction of what I have. It looks like I am going to spend more time choosing the colors than actually knitting the shawl!

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Stash Down

New Year started with revising my stash. It’s ridiculously enormous. It’s a paradox, but the fact that there are very few yarn shops in my town makes my stash grow every year. As I don’t have a constant access to the yarn goodness, I go crazy every time I travel. I buy bags of yarn and justify it with “I won’t be able to buy anything for months, even for a year”. Running out of yarn is my biggest fear.

If you don’t count a huge bag of acrylic yarn that I donated to my school for craft classes, I have more than 100 (!!!) skeins all over the house. Something needs to be done!

So when I saw My Sister’s Knitter Stash Down KAL/CAL, I jumped right in. It came just in time. The KAL/CAL will last 4 months (January 1 – April 30) and I am determined to bring my stash down by the end of April. Thank you, Andi, for inspiration!

I don’t have any WIPs left from 2014, except for a machine knitting project. So I am starting fresh. Last week I started to work on two projects.

The first stash down victim

Knitting Crochet Yarn

I bought this yarn one year ago in Mexico City. I fell in love with the color – Azul Rey. 100% mercerized cotton of very good quality. It’s perfect for crochet, as it gives a very nice stitch definition. I used this yarn in a different color for my Wildflower Crochet Dress. I am very pleased with the result. Also it has generous 360 mts (394 yd). New crochet project is in progress.

Knitting Crochet YarnThe second project is planned to be a very heavily modified version of St. Brigid. I don’t know exactly what I’ll get at the end, but it’s a part of fun. It’s still in the swatch stage.

Knitting Crochet Yarn  This swatch makes me so happy. Gosh, I love knitwear!

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