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Knitting group

Happy Sunday! I had a wonderful weekend that started with a great surprise – I discovered a small local knitting group and joined them for a coffee on Friday. It was such a great feeling to be around knitters and chat about tools, patterns and yarns. I brought my Wheat – it is the perfect project to carry around, even though I am almost finished with the body, it is still not too big to carry around and a great mindless stockinette stitch knit, though I can’t wait to get to the cabling on the sleeves.

I was also happy to show my new knitting friends Add One Stitch Knitting and it was amazing to see the reaction in real life. One of the main goals of the book was to show the beginners that all knitting is basically juts two stitches – knit and purl – and by learning those they can create beautiful textures. I saw the genuine interest and excitement about it and I really hope to see some finished projects from the book soon!

Saturday brought more simple joys – the local organic market is in its full bloom and I just love this place for wonderful hardworking people who care about nature and sell delicious produce.

Knitting group

Also today is the last day ofΒ Round 1 voting in 2018 MDK March MayhemWheat sweater is nominated in Sweaters category!!! I hope you will take part in this fun tournament of patterns today and vote for your favorite patterns!

Have a wonderful Sunday!


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2017, Thank You!

Knitting Blog

The best meditation for me is the sense of gratitude for every single day that I am blessed to have – good or bad, exiting or exhausting, happy or heartbreaking – all of this is part ofΒ life, so complicated, unexpected, but oh so beautiful! This was a year of breaking through my fears, of having a little bit more faith in myself and lots lots of work, both for The Gift Of Knitting and for my new job. Though it was definitely not the easiest twelve months, I wouldn’t change a single thing – I learned so much and met some very special people that I know I will carry in my heart through all my life.

Main projects of 2017

“Add One Stitch Knitting” book for beginners. Available for pre-order!

Vintage collection for Moeke Yarns – Heritage, Ivy and Wheat sweaters.

Rain sweater for We Are Knitters.

California crop top for Wool and The Gang.

I got the chance to work with the most amazing fibers – baby alpaca, pima cotton, organic rustic wool, mohair, merino… I would love to thank all the yarn companies who trusted me with their beautiful products, it was a true pleasure to create yarn photo journals and knitting with them – it really shows how passionate you are about fiber! Thank you for inspiration!

Thank you for your amazing support this year, for your emails, comments and just for being here, inspiring me to work harder and grow!

I would like to wish you to never lose this sense of wonder that makes you look at the world around you a little bit closer and notice these magic moments that each day is full with!

Have a wonderful New Year with your family!

See you in 2018!

Love, Alina.

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Knitting grateful

I am cancelling my scheduled FO post today. I don’t watch TV, so the latest news came as a shock.

I wish all the people who suffered in these horrible attacks strength and peace.

Love, creativity and kindness are still here, in this world, though it’s hard to believe right now for those who have just witnessed the opposite.

I’ll be back on Wednesday with my knitting.

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