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Butterfly and the Knitter

What does a knitter do when sees a marvelous butterfly?

Knitting and Crochet inspiration


Puts a ball of color matching yarn next to it and takes a picture, of course.

Knitting and Crochet inspiration

I found this precious creature on my balcony while reading the book.

Knitting and Crochet inspiration

I started to crawl towards it, holding the breath. It was slowly moving its wings up and down, but not flying away.

Knitting and Crochet inspirationKnitting and Crochet inspiration

Knitting and Crochet inspiration

Knitting and Crochet inspiration

Can you believe these colors?!

Taking these pictures was THE challenge. I have a new found respect for the professional photographers. Being practically bent in half and squeezed under the table with the camera in hand, as a pilates instructor I thought – “Gosh, I’m glad I’m flexible!”

As a Montessori teacher – “It would be great to have these pictures in our classroom for the observation and investigation activities”.

As a knitter – Such a delightful color pattern for the sweater!

I hope you will have a nice weekend. And don’t forget to look around – there is always something wonderful to be found.


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Knitter’s Treasury

When the first shock after Odile passed, I sat down to revise my knitter’s treasury. Fortunately most of my stash survived, though some precious balls of yarn are lost forever. Here they are, dripping with water; others are in a trash basket.


The books, Vogue Knitting,The Ultimate Knitting Book and the Knitter’s Handy Book of Sweater Patterns, are torn apart into pieces. Some of my projects are also not repairable. The recently finished Back to Basics sweater, knit from the beautiful blend of linen and cotton was found outside of the house, looking quite beaten up

Before Odile

Knitting Sweater

After Odile

Knitting Sweater

I had to send it to the trash, as the holes in the sleeves are huge and I don’t think it’s possible to wash it. Bye, bye, sweater…

Knitting Sweater

The raglan pullover that I started just one week before Odile was almost finished. I was knitting the sleeves for it just before the hurricane. The yarn for it was literally swimming in water and the back and the front pieces are covered with dirty spots. Maybe I’ll be able to recover it later. Can you believe it?!! I am living in the house without windows and thinking about how to recover the handknit sweater.

Though it’s definitely not the most pleasant experience of throwing away the soft cotton balls of yarn and handknit items to the trash, I am truly enjoying each day right now, just because I am here, safe and healthy with my family and the roof above my head. We are slowly recovering the house and I’ve come back to work.

Life is good…

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I got this colorful cotton fabric and a cute notebook on the weekend.

Craft. Sewing

The problem is that I have no clear idea what to do with the fabric. I wanted to learn how to sew for a long time now. I even have the Brother sewing machine for more than one year, but somehow I can’t get to it. Whenever I have time for some crafting, my hands automatically get to knitting. So, I’ve decided I’ll start with something very basic and quick. I’ll let you know what will come out of it.

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Hello!! This is me! I love to knit and crochet!

Knitting and Crochet

As you know, my name is Alina, but a lot of people call me Alinenok, which literally means “little deer” in Russian. My cute alter ego was bought in one of the souvenir stores in Yaroslavl.

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