Rain Sweater. WAK Pima Cotton. FO Details

We Are Knitters Textured Sweater

Happy Sunday! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend! If you remember this summer I published one more visual yarn story with Pima cotton yarn by We Are Knitters. At that time I was so busy with my day job, life in general and finishing the patterns for Vintage collection that I was craving for some unplanned, unpredictable and easy going knit. I “blindly” cast on and dived into this experiment on-the-go.A couple of months later this sweater came off my needles.

We Are Knitters Textured Sweater

Project Details

[box size=”large” style=”rounded”]Pattern[/box]

Not that much planning was involved in this sweater. The only thing I knew for sure was that I wanted to use elongated slip stitches – I just loved the smooth stockinette stitch fabric created by Pima cotton yarn and I felt like the slip stitches will create these “drops” of texture that will stand out, but not interrupt the simple background stitch. And as I was a couple of rounds in the neckline, I had another idea – what if to turn the dropped stitches into travelling across the sweater pattern. As soon as I tried it, I loved it and the rest is history 🙂

The name for the sweater – Rain – came in the middle of the project. In my eyes the diagonal lines of the elongated dropped stitches looked like drops of rain running along the window on a gloomy day.


We Are Knitters Textured Sweater

[box size=”large” style=”rounded”]Yarn[/box]

Pima cotton by We Are Knitters. When WAK asked me to review one of their summer yarns, I knew pima cotton will be the perfect choice! This definitely my favorite type of cotton to work with – it;s amazing how soft and smooth it is and what beautiful fabric it creates – light, with crisp stitch definition and great drape! The other thing I wanted to point out is that the yardage for this yarn balls is so so so generous – I used just 3 (!!!) skeins for the whole sweater! I definitely have more that enough left for at least one more project!

We Are Knitters Textured Sweater

[box size=”large” style=”rounded”]Design Details [/box]

As this sweater was planned as a zen knitting project, I kept things very simple.

We Are Knitters Textured Sweater

Minimal neckline shaping that looks something between round neck or boat neckline, top down raglan construction with longer armholes for a relaxed fit, minimal shaping in the body and classic i-cord finishing.

We Are Knitters Textured Sweater

My favorite detail of this sweater is sleeves – the elongated travelling drop stitch pattern used for the central panel in the main body mirrored in on the sleeves, running from the elbow all the way down to the cuff. I think it not only creates an interesting design detail, but also makes it so much more fun to knit the sleeves – you will be addicted to see how the “rain drops” are being painted by your needles.

We Are Knitters Textured Sweater

We Are Knitters Textured Sweater

Thank you, We Are Knitters, for this fun collaboration! I really hope I’ve managed to show the beauty of this fiber in this sweater.

We Are Knitters Textured Sweater

[box size=”large” style=”rounded”]Test Knitting[/box]

If you like the sweater, please, let me know if you’d like to see it turned into the pattern and if you are interested in test knitting it. I will use my notes that I’ve made along the way and will finish the first draft of the pattern for Monday, October 2nd. Test knitting basically involves knitting the piece, sending me your notes/suggestions along the way and taking photos of the progress and the final piece and creating the Ravelry project page with all the notes and photos. You can also post about it on your Instagram account and the blog, if you have one. The deadline for finishing the sweater (including your photos of the finished piece and your notes) will be for Monday, November 13th (6 weeks from October 2nd). If you think, you can make it, please, send me an email at or Ravelry message. Thank you so much!

We Are Knitters Textured Sweater

Have a wonderful Sunday!


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Vintage Collection

Cable sweater knitting pattern

Happy Sunday! If you are following me on Instagram and Ravelry, you already know that Doina knitwear collection for Moeke Yarns is live! To say that we are all excited is to say nothing! It just feels so good to present the result of many many months of work, we’ve been through quiet a few bumps along the way, but at the end it did work out great. So, today I would like to tell you a little bit about my contribution. At the moment the sweaters are flying from the photo shoot with the talented photographer @satellitejune back to me and I’ll be excited to get back to them and create my own visual knitwear stories for you to enjoy here 🙂

My contribution for Doina is Vintage collection that includes Heritage, Ivy and Wheat sweaters. It took me awhile to come up with the name for the collection, but as it often happens to me, this kind of things come to me spontaneously. Our initial idea with Ioana was to create designs that would become staple wardrobe pieces, timeless and wearable. And so I thought how great it would be to make sweaters that will be knit by you and stay in your family for a very long time and become “vintage” one day. I know for sure, Moeke yarn can definitely handle the wear well! This is my little dream 🙂


Seamless sweater pattern with the travelling cable and 1×1 rib side panels.

Textured Sweater Pattern

You are already familiar with this sweater. It was quiet amazing to see the response to this design – thank you so much for all the love and support sent my way!!! Love to see its growing project gallery and your mods (what a smart sleeve detail)! Looking forward to see more pieces flying off your needles!


Seamless turtleneck cable sweater.

This design took me more time than Heritage and Wheat put together. I knew for sure I wanted to create a cozy turtleneck with the eye catching cable panel running in the center of teh front and back, but to find the perfect stitch combination was not easy, nothing felt quiet right for a while. There were 20+ swatches rejected – I just couldn’t catch this “aha” moment that I am always looking forward to in any design. Only after a couple of months of daily swatching, I finally came up with the stitch combination that I knew would work for it.

Ivy is a top-down turtleneck sweater with the yoke shaped as the compound raglan. For your convenience the yoke shaping is written out individually for each size in a concise manner that is easy to follow. The sweater is knit holding two threads of yarn to create a cozy warm fabric. The cable panel is running in the center of the body both at the front and back. The “background” fabric is knit in basic stockinette stitch. The hem features two small side slits for a better fit and the back is slightly longer than the front.

Depending on the amount of ease you choose, wear it as a fitted piece or as a cozy oversize sweater!


Seamless sweater pattern with the simple cable running along the sleeves.

Cable sweater knitting pattern

Moeke merino yarn is extremely soft and delicate and I wanted to make justice to it and show it off in a simple way. Slightly uneven thread creates beautiful fabric. Wheat is a top-down sweater with the yoke shaped as the compound raglan, which creates a natural line running along the shoulder – something between the classic raglan and set-in sleeve. For your convenience the yoke shaping is written out individually for each size in a concise manner that is easy to follow. The body of a sweater is knit in basic stockinette stitch and the back is shaped with the help of short rows, which results in a slightly elongated shape at the back.The hem is trimmed with the twisted i-cord that creates a nice texture contrast with the stockinette stitch body. The main detail is the simple cable panel running along the sleeves. If you are new to cables, this will be the perfect project to learn – the cable twists are very simple and the instructions provided are both in visual chart and written form.

Please, join us in Moeke Ravelry group and share your projects – there will be amazing giveaways with the prizes from the sponsors!!

Thank you for your support and I hope you will have a wonderful day!

As for me we are getting ready for the storm, hopefully it won’t hit us too hard! What a crazy weather this season!


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How To Knit A Crop Top. Free Knitting Pattern.

Knit Crop Top. Free Knitting Pattern.

Today I would like to share with you a free pattern that I put together for my California Crop TopIt’s a pretty straightforward knit that can become the perfect vacation project, as it doesn’t require much yarn, knits up fast and it’s very easy to make.

Knit Crop Top. Free Knitting Pattern.

In the simple knit piece as this one, yarn will play the main role. I love the ribbon yarn for this project, because the thread is wide, which is very fast to knit, but because of the nature of the thread, it is very light. Plus, it creates a textured surface, even when used with the simplest stitch patterns.

Knit Crop Top. Free Knitting Pattern.

As you can see in my previous post, I chose “purl” side as the right side of the fabric, but if you feel like it you can definitely use it as a reversible top and wear it with any side facing up – so many designers use the visible seam as the decorative element now. And at the end of a day, it is a casual crop summer top, it doesn’t have to be perfect 🙂

Knit Crop Top. Free Knitting Pattern.

To see the fit of the top, check my modeled post here – The Gift Of Knitting – California Crop WATG Top.

How To Knit A Crop Top


32 (36, 40)” [81.5 (91.5, 101.5) cm]


Finished bust circumference: 34 (38, 42)” [86.5 (96.5, 106.5) cm].

Finished length from the armhole: approx 7 (7 1/4, 7 3/4)” [17.8 (18.4, 19.5) cm].



3 (4, 4) skeins of Wool and the Gang, Stone Washed, 100% cotton. 1.8 oz. (50 g), 82 yds. (75 m).

Please, keep in mind that the yardage recommended is approximate. 

Needles. 5.5 mm (US 9)


4″ (10 cm) = 12 sts. The row gauge is not essential in this project.



  • CO 51 (57, 63) sts, using a long tail cast on method.
  • *K1, p1; rep from * to last st, k1.
  • Repeat the last row 4 more times.
  • Next Row (RS): Purl.
  • Next Row (WS): Knit.
  • Repeat the last 2 rows until the piece measures approximately 7 (7 1/4, 7 3/4)” [17.8 (18.4, 19.5) cm], finishing after WS row.
  • Next Row (RS): Bind off 7 (9, 11) sts purlwise; purl to end – 44 (48, 52) sts.
  • Next Row (WS): Bind off 7 (9, 11) sts knitwise; knit to end – 37 (39, 41) sts.
  • Next Row (RS): K1, purl to last st, k1.
  • Next Row (RS): K1, knit to last st, k1.
  • Repeat the last 2 rows until the piece measures approximately 7 1/2 (7 1/2, 7 3/4)” [19 (19, 19.5) cm], finishing after RS row.
  • Bind off all 37 (39, 41) sts knitwise.


  • Make identical to the BACK.


  • Block the pieces.
  • Seam shoulders: Place the pieces flat, with bind off edges facing each other, RS of the fabric (in this case, purl side) facing up. Using a horizontal seam, sew shoulders together (each shoulder is approximately 1 1/2 – 1 3/4″ wide).
  • Seam FRONT and BACK: Place the pieces flat, RS of the fabric (in this case, purl side) facing up, side edges next to each other. Make sure to align the pieces, with armhole edges being on the same level. Using a mattress stitch, sew edges together on both sides.
  • Weave in the ends.

Note: As you can see, I chose “purl” side as the right side of the fabric, but you can flip it over and stay with the classic stockinette stitch – just seam the pieces on reverse, with knit side facing up.

Note: This is a free pattern. It wasn’t test knitted or tech edited. I tried my best to avoid any mistakes, but if you find one, please, let me know in the comments below. 

I hope you will use this pattern this summer and create your own simple Crop Top. If you liked the pattern, please, share it on your Pinterest board, I would really appreciate it!.

Knit Crop Top. Free Knitting Pattern.

Have a wonderful day today!


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Heritage Sweater Pattern. Desert Mood.

Textured Sweater Pattern

Happy Friday, dear friends! Today I am excited to share with you the latest pattern for my beloved Moeke Yarns. I would love to thank each of you for an amazing support here and on Instagram, thank you for all your sweet comments and reposts, you’ve definitely made my week!

The idea for these photos came to me while I was still working on the sweater – I’ve noticed how much it changed its look depending on the light! If in the Preview post you can see how the yarn basically absorbs the sunset light, turning into warm honey-like shade. And today I would love to demonstrate how it completely changes under desert dawn’s light, taking on cool neutral shades. Isn’t it amazing?! Such an alive fiber!

Textured Sweater Pattern

Heritage is a top-down sweater with the yoke shaped as the compound raglan, which creates a natural line running along the shoulder. I love this construction  – it always creates such a great shape, something between the classic raglan and set-in sleeve! For your convenience the yoke shaping is written out individually for each size in a concise manner that is easy to follow, in my opinion.

Textured Sweater Pattern

The main eye catching detail is a subtle texture contrast created by combining basic stitches – stockinette, slip stitches, 1×1 ribbing and basic travelling cable. This mix results in a simple casual knit with an interesting twist to keep you interested.

Textured Sweater Pattern

Heritage is a part of Moeke 2017 knitwear collection that will be released this Fall. And my mission in this collection is to create basic city pieces that can become a wardrobe’s staple. I hope Heritage with its clean geometric lines will become your very wearable sweater 🙂

Textured Sweater Pattern

To me Heritage sweater looks “architectural” in some way with its simple shape, construction and very basic finishing. I used my favorite neckline trim + applied I-cord for the neckline; i-cord bind-off for the hem and left the sleeve edges raw, allowing the natural curl of stockinette stitch.

Textured Sweater Pattern

It’s been a challenge and a pleasure to write this pattern and I hope to see it on your needles this spring – Heritage is light as a feather and would be perfect for cool summer nights.

Textured Sweater Pattern

General Pattern Information

B O D Y  S I Z E S:

  • XS 29 – 30″ (73.5 – 76 cm)
  • S 32″ (81 cm)
  • M 35″ (89 cm)
  • L 38″ (96.5 cm)
  • XL 41″ (104.0 cm)
  • XXL 43″ (109 cm)
  • 3XL 49″  (124.5 cm)

Shown in size Small with 2″ of ease.

F I N I S H E D   M E A S U R E M E N T S:

Chest/Bust at Underarm: 40 ¼ (41 ¼, 43 ¾, 45 ½, 49, 53 ½, 56 ¾)” [102 (104.7, 111, 115.5, 124.5, 136, 144) cm].

Length From The Underarm: 12 1/2 (13 1/4, 13 1/2, 14 1/2, 15 1/2, 15 1/2, 17 1/2)” 32 (33.5, 34.5, 37, 39.5, 39.5, 44.5) cm


20 sts x 30 rnds = 4″ [10 cm] in St stitch after blocking.


250 (250, 300, 300, 300, 350, 350) g of Moeke Yarns “Heritage”, 350 m/100 g sport weight yarn.

Please keep in mind that yardage is an estimate.


  • US size 2 ½ [3 mm] 31″ [80 cm] circular needle.
  • Optional – US size 2 ½ [3 mm] double-pointed needles (set of 4) for the sleeves. You can use US size 2 ½ [3 mm] 31″ [80 cm] circular needle to work the sleeves using the magic loop method.
  • Spare circular needle.


  • Stitch markers of different colors
  • Cable needle
  • Stitch holders or scrap yarn
  • Tapestry needle
  • Optional – crochet hook in size 2.5 mm

List of techniques used:

  • Slip stitches
  • Basic travelling cable
  • I-cord edge (link to a photo tutorial provided)

Thank you so much for entering giveaway and for your comments – I’ve read every single one of them! The randomly chosen winners of the pattern giveaway are Sarah Desatoff (Ravelry ID: sari27), Lindsay (Ravelry ID: knittinglindsay) and Mary (Ravelry ID: Mary8084). Congratulations! You will receive the copy of the pattern today! So looking forward to seeing it knit by you!!

Heritage Sweater Pattern is available for $7.00

Thank you so much for your support! It means a lot!


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Heritage Sweater Pattern. Preview and Giveaway

Textured Sweater Pattern

I am happy to say that Heritage sweater pattern will be published this Friday and I can finally share some preview shots with you. I hope you will enjoy them. Yarn was definitely my main inspiration – when I was swatching with Heritage skeins, I knew right away that I didn’t want to overcomplicate things, but knit something light, simple and with a nice drape.

Textured Sweater Pattern

Textured Sweater Pattern

But as usual I couldn’t not indulge in a little bit of texture and mixed basic classic stitches – 1×1 ribbing is gradually growing from the sides towards the center of the sweater, divided from the main stockinette stitch body with basic travelling cable.

Textured Sweater Pattern

Textured Sweater Pattern

The finishing is simple and straightforward – raw edges of the sleeves and more tailored hem and neckline.

Textured Sweater Pattern

Textured Sweater Pattern

My favorite details are the compound raglan shaping, that creates a natural line, and the central subtle chain that “divides” the sweater in half.

Textured Sweater Pattern

And as always me and Ioana would love to organize a giveaway for you. Thank you so much for all your support!

Heritage Sweater Pattern 3 copies Giveaway

The giveaway will run from Tuesday, 25th of April to Friday, 28th of April.

WHERE: Here, The Gift Of Knitting blog.

TO ENTER Leave a comment under this post with your Ravelry ID or with the Ravelry ID of a friend to whom you would love to gift the copy of the pattern.

Three winners will be chosen randomly and announced here, on my blog on Friday, 28th of April.

Moeke Yarn Kit + Heritage Sweater Pattern Giveaway

The giveaway will run from Tuesday, 25th of April to Friday, 28th of April.

Moeke Yarns are offering you the chance to win Heritage yarn kit to make your Heritage sweater!

The yarn kit will include skeins of organic pure wool to make a sweater for your size and the pattern.

WHERE@giftofknitting Instagram.

TO ENTER If you follow me on Instagram (@giftofknitting), today you will see a post on my account with all the information how to enter the giveaway! Don’t miss it!!

The winner will be chosen randomly on Friday, 28th of April.

You can enter both giveaways! If it happens so that you win both of them, you will receive the yarn kit and you can gift an extra copy of the pattern to your friend!

Both giveaways are open worldwide! Good luck!


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YOTH Cardigan

Textured Cardigan

This week one more cardigan flew off my needles – the project for YOTH yarns that I started this Fall is over and I am a little bit sad to let it go… It was a pure joy to work with Father in Hazelnut, this yarn has such an amazing stitch definition and it knits like butter!

YOTH cardigan is a top down cardigan with the yoke shaped as a compound raglan to ensure the perfect fit. It’s “framed” with a classic 1×1 rib neckband with a collar shaped with the help of short rows. The border is finished with an i-cord bind off.

Textured Cardigan

It has a very “clean” and refined look, just like YOTH yarns company whose aesthetics I tried to reflect in this knitwear piece. And, of course, I couldn’t not add some texture to it. I played around with the stitch that has been one my “to-knit” list forever, changed it a little bit and was very happy with the result. It reminds me, for some reason, of the palm leaf…

Textured Cardigan

I also love the wrong side of the cardigan – it has a completely different look, but also creates a very interesting texture effect! What I am also really pleased with is that this stitch is very stretchy, which will ensure that the body of the cardigan fits you perfectly even if your gauge was a little bit off.

Textured Cardigan

Father is very quick to knit with! I would definitely recommend it to beginners as it’s very easy to create neat and crisp stitches in this yarn.

Textured Cardigan

One more little detail that I love so much is a slightly curved edges of the border that create beautiful smooth lines.

Textured Cardigan

Textured Cardigan

The cardigan will fly to YOTH yarns soon, and though I am a little bit sad to let it go, I am really excited to see how YOTH team will style it – so looking forward to their photoshoot! I am sure they will do a great job, I really love how they present their yarns and knitwear. The pattern will be available through YOTH Ravelry store in winter 2017. You can follow YOTH yarns on Instagram @yarnonthehouse to keep up with all the updates.

Textured Cardigan

I hope you are having a wonderful week!

See you at Yarn Along!


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