Moments 14/20. Quarantine.

I was saving the first Moments post of the 2020 for something special, something that I will want to remember. Now I believe we will all remember these weird times and moments – weeks spent in the state of uncertainty, fear and hope that it will all be over soon and we´ll be OK. My days abruptly changed from packed with events, meetings, deadlines and never ending email threads to quiet and low-key moments at home and nature. I still work, I would say even more right now than before quarantine, handling tasks for which I never had time and space before, but now my pace is different. I think like everyone else out there I have my moments of fear when the future looks uncertain and bleak, but I keep repeating to myself – That will pass too. I have been through storms in my life that seemed like a deadlock and I always came out of them and when looking back, I was grateful for them for teaching me something about myself that I would have never discovered if not for these bumps in the world. I hope you also find comfort in these quarantine days that will definitely become a history lesson of the humankind.

Living in a place that thrives on the tourism industry, we are definitely hit hard, but there is one advantage to all this – gorgeous natural spots that are now completely empty and ready to be explored. I went to my “secret” beach that very few people know how to access and enjoyed a long walk with zero people in sight. It was breathtaking. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did and it will bring some sunshine into your life. Stay safe and healthy.

I hope you will have a wonderful week!

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Wood Houses Book

I love real things. Nature instead of TV; wood instead of plastic; cotton, silk and wool instead of acrylic; books instead of iPad. Real, natural things always inspire me to knit and crochet. There are moments and places which make me reach for my needles and a squashy ball of the cotton yarn.

This architecture book is one of my favorite. And one of the most inspirational for me.

Perfect Place for knitting and crochet

I like to get in the armchair with a cup of tea, get the Wood Houses, read, look at the pictures and think about the house in which I would love to live and knit some day. There definitely should be my knitting place. Wouldn’t you love to knit here?!!

Perfect Place for knitting and crochet

What I know for sure now – I want the tree house!!!

Perfect Place for knitting and crochet

Isn’t it great? It feels adventurous, but at the same time so cozy and warm!

Perfect Place for knitting and crochet

Perfect Place for knitting and crochet

Well, this would be my perfect knitting place!

What places, things and moments inspire you to pick up your needles or the crochet hook?

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