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Gold and Chocolate

Knit dress

Lately I was thinking how my attitude to knitting has evolved. When I just picked up the needles in my early twenties, I envisioned all these crazy designs in my head that I would cast on almost instantly. The result – so many disasters and unfinished projects. Now I “brew” my ideas, yes, I do cast on swatches and make the notes, but I do not rush into a project anymore, it takes time, a lot of time, maybe making me one of the least productive knitwear pattern writers out there, but I embraced my way of working and do not push it to make something just for the sake of making/publishing it. As a result I stopped “killing” my ideas, like literally nothing that I cast on lately has been frogged. Yes, I rip back and start all over again, I twitch things here and there, but the core idea doesn’t change.

I am working on a sweater right now that I swatched for back in April, all this time I was coming back to the swatch, looking at it, imagining it in a finished knitwear form; it definitely passed the test – I love how it is coming along, especially in this dark chocolate shade.

I also finished setting up my knitting machine and swatching right now with this “golden” cotton. It is not as easy as I thought it would be – my machine is getting old and it’s been stored away for so much time that its parts are starting failing on me. I hope I can recover it with oiling it, but maybe I would have to face a fact that it is time to let it go… Anyway, not giving up on it yet!

Textured Sweater Knitting Pattern

Knit dress

Knit dress

Have a wonderful day today!


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Interior Knitting

Moeke Yarns. Heritage.

I happen to have one guilty pleasure – I love visiting interior blogs and browse beautiful images of way too perfect homes. Being quiet inadequate in home decor, I only hope that when the day comes to call one place a home, I’ll be able to use all the wonderful ideas that I bookmark. I admire how people can come up with absolutely beautiful, simple and very affordable ideas how to make your home cozy and inviting. The more I research, the more I am drawn to Scandinavian interior style; everything appeals to me – the abundance of light, neutral subtle colors, wood, textiles, messy beds, simple shapes. My favorite space to visit is My Scandinavian Home, just browse its Swedish home tag and you’ll see what I am talking about – absolutely dreamy spaces that you will never want to leave.

Recently this little space featured in The Design Chaser has won my heart.

Interior Knitting Inspiration

I am definitely drawn to wood and textiles in interior, though this photo might be too literal interpretation of it, but it demonstrates perfectly that with very simple things we can create a very welcoming and homey space that will make us happy every day.

Though I still don’t have the perfect wooden bed, I can definitely play with textiles. I still have some skeins of Heritage from the old batch by Moeke in my stash, so I decided why not to start with small steps and gradually add things that I love into my surroundings.

Moeke Yarns. Heritage.

We just rented a new place and the bed still doesn’t have the proper cover. But I have the wool in beautiful heather shade and my knitting machine, so my plan is to make a bed cover as big as the yardage allows. I won’t be able to make it in one piece, as the machine knitting bed is not wide enough, but this little inconvenience can be turned into a big advantage – I could make 2 or maybe even 4 separate pieces and seam them together with the crochet, using single or double crochet stitch on the right side to create a nice ridge for a touch of texture.

Moeke Yarns. Heritage.

Heritage looks so lovely on the purl side – all the slight color variations and little numbs and bumps of the uneven thread produce such a beautiful effect. Plus it is very warm and I can use it as an extra blanket during chilly nights and mornings.

What I also love about this project that it will be quiet mindless with not too much planning involved and a very easy process. Perfect on-the-side knit that I can work on when I want to recharge and clear my head. I hope I will make it at least for spring when the winds come…

Moeke Yarns. Heritage.

Have a beautiful day! See you at Yarn Along today!


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Craft Goals


Happy 2017, friends! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and had some time to relax. Honestly I barely felt the holiday spirit this year – was way too busy with too many things. But I am definitely not complaining, I love everything that I do and every day I feel grateful for the opportunity to work – it is my best form of meditation.

As you might have noticed The Gift Of Knitting looks slightly different now. I hope you like it and find it easier to navigate, there are still some changes I want to make. I am working on it!

This past weekend I looked back at the goals that I set for myself last year, including the craft goals that I shared with you in December 2015:

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  • Improve my machine knitting skills
  • Crochet more
  • Take careful notes of my projects


I definitely feel much more confident with my LK-150, though I didn’t finish as many projects as I planned. One thing I know for sure is that the best and maybe the only way to get better at anything is to practice. Theory is great, but until you put it into use, you won’t see major changes.

Crochet… Absolute fail!!! I was working on a couple of crochet projects, but they were both frogged. But the good thing is that both of the unfinished pieces gave me a new idea for something fun to try, hopefully it will work out.

The last goal was definitely achieved – yay! I learned how to discipline myself in knitting and keep track of my experiments. Doesn’t sound like too much fun, as just knitting away without breaking my head how to put it into words in the clearest way possible is way more time and effort consuming, but it pays off when I receive “Thank you” notes from you!

And that leads me to my main craft goal for 2017 – sharing as much as I can here! I am really short of time these days, but I have numerous plans and ideas that hopefully will come to life during next 12 months. I really want you to find here inspiration to create, because it makes life so much brighter!

Here is to inspiring 2017!

Do you have any craft goals for new year?


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The Gift Of Knitting – Wall Sweater

Machine Knitting Sweater

Wall sweater is probably the most relaxed and shapeless knit piece I have ever made. It is so effortless to wear and it can be styled numerous ways – wide boat neck or slightly lower back neck or off the shoulder sweater. I’ve made the front piece 6 rows shorter than the back to lift it up a little bit.

Machine Knitting Sweater

I’ve always been afraid of raw edges, usually I prefer everything perfectly trimmed, which keeps the whole construction together, but this time I got out of my comfort zone and loosened up a little bit 🙂 At the end of the day, experimenting is my favorite part of the whole process. Plus, I can always trim the edges later if I feel like it doesn’t really work for me or if I feel that the trims are essential to keep the sweater in shape. So far I enjoy the “soft” edges.

Machine Knitting Sweater

I was very pleased with the texture created – it actually looks like a garter stitch, though it’s just a reverse stockinette. The garter is one of the most time consuming stitches to make on the LK-150 knitting machine. You have to manually reform each stitch every single row! I think it would take me more time to do that than knitting it by hand. But the pretty loose stitch dial (8) and the slight stiffness of the cotton thread created garter-like ridges. I like how there are countless ways to play around with one stitch and get absolutely different results.

Machine Knitting Sweater

Though this project is the most colorful sweater I’ve made during a long long period of time, I still feel very comfortable and “me” in it. The colors are rich, but still pretty subtle and subdued. And I love how two threads mixed together on their own in a natural looking patches of color. It reminds me of the artist’s used palette…

Machine Knitting Sweater

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend and enjoying your cozy knits!


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Wall Sweater. FO Details.

Sweater. Machine Knitting.

The Wall sweater was inspired by the colorful wall I found in the downtown. Though I very rarely work with color, this building ignited something in me and I mixed deep royal blue mercerized cotton with rich green shade of combed cotton. The swatch “told” me I shouldn’t overcomplicate it and make something simple and effortless. Drop shoulder sweater with raw edges knit in a pretty loose gauge to create a nice drape seemed perfect. The sweater is basically shapeless – there is no structure whatsoever, except for the seams, that hold the whole piece together. It is also a great first-sweater project for your knitting machine!

Project Notes


Mercerized cotton mixed with the combed cotton. I got both of these yarns in Mexico City, but there is a 2-year difference between them! Sometimes it feels like certain yarns wait for its perfect companion before being put in use. This cotton was one of the first fibers I tried and I always come back to it once in a while. It is not that soft, but it is very durable, the colors are always rich and it has a nice sheen.


My initial plan of colorful aquamarine/green combo didn’t work out due to the mysterious disappearance of a whole package of yarn (I still didn’t figure it out 🙂 ), but I guess everything happens for  reason as the dark blue/dark forest green combo worked amazing – I really love the result! And probably I wouldn’t even think of putting these colors together if not for the lost yarn.

Sweater. Machine Knitting.


Made of four basic rectangles, the sweater is loose, drapey, effortless and comfortable. I set my stitch dial on the machine to 8, which is pretty big for this yarn thickness, but there are no rules in knitting and each experiment will give you certain results, not all of them will be successful, but in this case the loose gauge created a very flexible fabric. The front is slightly shorter than the back; I used “e-wrap” cast on (video tutorial) and left the edges raw.


Super wide boat neckline gives you the space to play around with it and model in various ways – slightly lower on the back, or classic boat-neck or a little bit off the shoulder.

Sweater. Machine Knitting.


Will I ever get tired of the folded cuffs?! Probably not 🙂 It is such an easy way to add volume and texture contrast!

Sweater. Machine Knitting.

I have so much to catch on in the blogosphere – these days I didn’t even have time to open my computer! So, if you are waiting for an email from me, please, forgive my absence!!!

I hope you are having amazing Sunday!


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The Gift Of Knitting Ravelry Group

Hello dear friends! I hope you are having a wonderful week! Guess what?! I finally started my Ravelry group dedicated to The Gift Of Knitting Designs, where we can chat, discuss our knitting/crochet/machine knitting projects, share WIPs and FOs, help each other and just have fun!

Gift Of Knitting

I would LOVE to see you there – The Gift Of Knitting Ravelry Group! I am planning to host KALs/CALs, yarn-delicious giveaways and other fun fiber goodness. But for a start, let’s find out more about each other! Head over to Hello, I am… thread and, please, share something about yourself! I would love to know more about you!!

Thank you so much for joining!

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