Textured Jacket.Wearing.

Knitting cardigan

The weather is absolutely beautiful right now. I can’t believe this sky color, it looks surreal… The mornings are cool, windy and perfect for knitwear. I had a chance to wear my Textured Jacket last weekend. It’s raveled here.

Knitting cardigan

Hand Knit Cardigan

I love its neutral color – it looks completely different in the morning and evening light.

Hand Knit Cardigan


Hand Knit Cardigan

As the jacket is pretty “busy” itself, in my opinion it looks better when worn with simple clothes – jeans or dresses of basic silhouettes in neutral colors.


The only concern I have is that it might be difficult to take care of it. The textured fabric + neutral color can be challenging to wash. If you have any tips, please, let me know! Other than that it’s so comfortable. I can’t resist wrapping myself up in its cables and twists!

These photos were taken in one of my favorite local spots. This is Estero (or Estuary). It is a beautiful place full of vegetation and magnificent birds. The river runs all the way from the mountains and is surrounded by trees, bushes and beautiful flowers.

Knitting cardigan

Before the hurricane there was a lovely path running along the river. Every morning you could see people running, biking, stretching, walking with dogs… In the afternoons it was a perfect place to sit on a bench reading a book, knitting or just looking around, savouring the moment and this beautiful life…

Knitting cardigan

After Odile many trees are gone, the river is two times wider and there is no sight of the path or the benches. But it’s still very special and dear to me. I can’t wait for winter to come when Estero welcomes dozens of different kinds of birds. It is such a great experience to go there with our Montessori class and observe birds, little animals, different kinds of plants…

I also used to teach my small pilates class here last year. I wish I had more time for it right now.

Throwing in some pilates moves 🙂

Knitting cardigan


Now I am at this exciting stage of choosing the next project… So many gorgeous patterns out there. What is on your wait list?

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Textured Jacket. Vogue Knitting. Details.

You probably remember that I started this project back in September.

Knitting Textured Cardigan

Vogue Knitting Winter 2012/2013 Designer Shirley Paden

I wanted to knit this pattern for almost a year, but I was a little bit intimidated by the intricate stitch pattern. But I am so glad that I eventually got to it. I am really happy with the result!

Knitting Textured Cardigan Knitting Textured Cardigan

Designer Shirley Paden challenges us with the interlocking twists and florets pattern. The result is a stunningly textured fabric.

Knitting Textured Cardigan

I’ve made some modifications to the sweater.

  • Though Shirley offered to knit this jacket with considerable ease, I chose more close-fitting style.  To my taste if you knit a textured pattern with a lot of ease, it makes you look bulky.
  • Waist shaping was achieved by changing needle sizes.
  • I crocheted ties, instead of knitting them. Chain of 50 stitches and single crochet one row. I put them a little bit lower – on the waist line, instead of the bust line.

Knitting Textured Cardigan

 V-neck shaping.

Knitting Textured Cardigan

 I chose simple garter stitch trimming, instead of I-cord.

Knitting Textured Cardigan

I omitted the collar.

Knitting Textured Cardigan

Sleeves. I knitted the cuff using Chart 2 for 1 1/2 pattern repeats using 3 mm needle (US 2 1/2), then switched to Chart 1 using 3.5 mm needle (US 4).

Knitting Textured Cardigan Knitting Textured Cardigan

I used crochet slip stitch for seams.

Knitting Textured Cardigan

I am so happy to have it in my closet. It is very special to me.

Knitting Textured Cardigan

Thank you, Vogue Knitting!

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Color Zig-Zag top. Vogue Knitting

Another beautiful design from Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer 2012 – Color Zig-Zag Top by Katherine Hunt. There are hundreds of new patterns out there each year, but I just can’t help myself and keep knitting from my favorite knitting magazine. I need to break out from my Vogue Knitting haze.

Knitting Top Vogue Knitting

I chose these colors  for two reasons.

The first one is very practical and antiromantic. After finishing Arabesque Pullover and Boat Neck Pullover I had some yarn left from each sweater. Not enough to make a garment in each of these colors, but perfect amount of yarn if combined in  one project. Usual stripes seemed too “flat”, zig-zags are always a great alternative.

The second reason is more poetic. The combination of colors was the perfect reflection of the surrounding landscape – the sandy beaches and the ocean. After living all my life in a cold, industrial and dirty town I feel beyond grateful to be able to breathe the fresh and clean air and feel the ocean breeze on my skin.

Knitting Top Vogue Knitting

I trimmed the neckline with two rows of single crochet stitch. Overall, it was a very easy project, though I spent quite some time on the sleeves. As I substituted the yarn, my gauge was completely different from the one recommended in the pattern, so I couldn’t figure out how to gradually cast on stitches for the sleeves and keep the zig-zag pattern. But it was a good experience for me.

Knitting Top Vogue Knitting

Thank you, Vogue Knitting, for challenging my skills!





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Finishing WIPs

I am trying to squeeze as much as I can in my weekend – meeting with dear friends, spending time with my family, cleaning and organizing the house, crafting. It has been a finishing-works-in-progress weekend so far.

The Textured Jacket by Shirley Paden from Vogue Knitting 2012/2013 that I started in September is in its final stages. It’s been a long time, but it was worth it! I am seaming the last sleeve.

Knitting Finishing

It still looks messy at this stage, waiting for the last touches.

Knitting Finishing

What a joy it was to get it off the needles and try it on – if fits perfectly and just the way I wanted it! So, my goal is to finish it this Sunday. The mornings are getting chilly enough to put it on.

As usual I am seaming it with the crochet hook – I use the basic slip stitch to put pieces together. If you are going to use this seaming technique, make sure that you use the hook of the appropriate size that won’t make the seams too tight, so the edges won’t pucker. Crochet hook makes the process much faster than a needle, the seam is flat and neat and it doesn’t feel like I am seaming, but crocheting.

Knitting Finishing

I hope to finish one more project this weekend, that’s been in WIPs category for months. I am done with the seams and I am in the trimming the neckline stage now.

Knitting Finishing Knitting Finishing

I am also very motivated to finish it, as I love everything about it – the yarn, the colors, the shape, the fit. And most of all – this project was beaten up by Odile, but I managed to recover it later. It’s a survivor! More about it later.

On a non-craft related note. The town is still recovering after Odile. Our house looks much better now, at least we’ve got all our windows installed. Slowly, but steadily life gets back to normal. It feels good.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend.

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Off Shoulder Tank. Vogue Knitting.

Ever since I learned how to knit I wanted to make a marine style sweater or a dress. As soon as I found the cotton yarn in ivory and navy blue shades, I started the hunt for the perfect pattern. I was looking for something as simple as possible in a plain stockinette stitch. Off Shoulder Tank by Cathy Carron from Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer 2008 was the perfect match.

Vogue knitting top

Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer 2008. Designer Cathy Carron

I love how simple and feminine it is.  The deep waist ribbing is very flattering. Especially if you knit it very tight – it feels like you are wearing a corset.

Knitting top. Vogue Knitting

 This top was such a quick knit, I finished it in five days. I absolutely loved the idea of the ribbon woven through the eyelets along the neckline. Red and navy blue ribbons were the perfect last touch for my marine top.

Knitting top. Vogue KnittingOverall, it is a gorgeous summer top, that can be worn with jeans, white pants or long white skirts.

Knitting top. Vogue Knitting

Thank you, Vogue Knitting! It was a joy to make.

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ABC of Knitting

I would like to introduce you something special. The knitting book. Well, it might be not very special right now, but if we consider the time and place this book was written, it is truly unique.

Knitting and crochet book

The book was first published in 1978. 36 years later it is still one of the most popular knitting books in Russia. They say there are no knit courses in Russia that are not based on this book. ABC-book of Knitting doesn’t only contain the techniques, patterns and tips on knitting, but it contains history.

The book was first published in the Soviet Union. My Grandma told me that it was very hard at that time to buy even food, forget about the yarn. This book has the spirit of that time. There are pieces of advice how to work with the old yarn from the unraveled sweaters, how to dye yarn (not for the sake of the “hand dyed” label on it, but because there was not much of a choice of colors) and even how to change the size of your needles by sharpening them!

Knitting and crochet book

I know from the stories of my Grandma how happy and delighted she was if she had the opportunity to buy some yarn, no matter what fiber, color or weight. Just the yarn. Can you imagine living in a country without constant access to the yarn?!!! There was no choice of knitting magazines, no patterns to buy. Sometimes some newspapers would publish one-size instructions for the sweater. This book really makes me appreciate all the privileges we have now – the choice of yarn, knitting magazines, independent designers, online and live workshops, beautiful yarn stores.

No matter what, all these restrictions didn’t stop thousands and thousands of women to create absolutely unique pieces, true artifacts. ABC book was the first one who put all these years of practice into theory and helped a lot of people to learn to knit and crochet. Though some patterns are definitely too old-fashioned to knit,

Knitting and crochet book

I’ve never in my life thought of knitting a pair of tights, how about you?

… the collection of knitting techniques and little crafty secrets is priceless.


This book is so important to me, that it had to cross the ocean to be on my coffee table.

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