How much yarn to buy. Who the heck knows?

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I always wonder how some knitters manage to buy just the right amount of yarn for their projects. They are usually left with a neat little ball that stays as the reminiscent of their hard work. As for me I usually find myself with the leftovers that are enough for one more sweater and a half. And it’s not because I don’t read the recommendations in the patterns, but it seems that I just don’t trust them. If the pattern asks for 6 balls, by the time I get to actual purchase I get 8, no, 10. Wait! Put one more in, just in case.

As a result of this habit, my room can compete with a little yarn store.

Knitting, crochet, yarn

For the Back to basics pullover, I got ten balls of yarn. So what do you think? I used 4 and a half of them. Yes, my leftover is bigger than the yarn used. I am incorrigible.

Despite all of this, my philosophy stays unshakable

 There is never too much yarn

 Knitting, crochet, yarnI hope I am not the only one out there!

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New Yarn. Bamboo. In love.

As you may have noticed, I am crazy about natural fibers, especially vegetable ones. I live in a warm climate, so for me such properties of the yarn as breathable and absorbing moisture are essential. The cotton will always be my first love, but recently I got a few skeins of 100% bamboo yarn, just to try. It is natural and eco-friendly yarn, and it was about time I bought it. Well, what can I say? I am in love!!!

Knitting and Crochet

The yarn is incredibly soft. It just makes you squeeze it every time you pass by. I know, it’s crazy, but I am being honest. It has the subtle lustre, which, in combination with the neutral color, makes the yarn look very noble. This yarn is finger weight, so I decided to knit a swatch with two strands. The fabric turns out extremely soft (I can’t wait to knit something out of it to put on and never take off!) and drapery which will be perfect for a loose cardigan that “flows” around the body.

Knitting and Crochet

I will let you know what I am going to make with it as soon as I finish my other projects.

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Raglan Pullover from Creative Cables

As soon as I saw the pattern, I wanted to knit it. This cable panel from Creative Cables by Debbie Bliss made my heart skip a beat.


© Sixth&Spring Books

This week I decided I can’t wait any longer and started swatching.


I think this rich red color, which looks almost burgundy red in dark light, suits this pattern perfectly. The soft natural cotton is my choice again. I think I am a cotton addict.


The 2*2 ribbing seems too “busy” to me for this pattern, so I think I am going to stick to the basic stockinette stitch. In my opinion it will make the cable panel stand out more.

Well, I am starting! I’ll post more about the progress.

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Arabesque Pullover #tbt

Once upon a time I fell in love with the yarn, its color, its texture, its softness… The pattern was found in one of the old French magazines… I knew they were meant for each other…

cables sweater

As I was knitting I decided to make it a little bit longer and bigger than the designer suggested. I guess I just wanted to cover myself with its soft cables as much as possible.

Cable Sweater Knitting

I especially like the shaping of the sleeves. The inserted cable panel really makes a difference.

Cable Sweater Knitting

It was such a pleasure to make and such a pleasure to wear.

Cable Sweater Knitting

The Arabesque pullover pattern can be found in the French knitting magazine Bergere de France #159. Ravelry pattern page can be found here.

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Back to Basics Sweater

When I go to the yarn store, I usually have no idea what I want to make and what color I want. Yarn is definitely my inspiration. I have to touch it, to look at it for a couple of days, to cast on and knit something randomly before some ideas come up.

My latest purchase is of no exception. As soon as I started to swatch with it, I knew the garter stitch was the one. I wanted something light that I can throw on with jeans and be “effortlessly chic”, or whatever they say in the fashion magazines.

The yarn label recommends to use 3 – 3.5 size needles (US 3 or 4), but I decided to go up and used 4.5 (US 7). This made the fabric light and drapery. One more bonus – it was a super fast knit, just 6-7 evenings.


The shape is super basic – the drop shoulder with V-neck. I trimmed the neckline with 2*2 rib using 3.5 size needles (US 4)


And voilà


I am really happy with the result.

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