Off Shoulder Tank. Vogue Knitting.

Ever since I learned how to knit I wanted to make a marine style sweater or a dress. As soon as I found the cotton yarn in ivory and navy blue shades, I started the hunt for the perfect pattern. I was looking for something as simple as possible in a plain stockinette stitch. Off Shoulder Tank by Cathy Carron from Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer 2008 was the perfect match.

Vogue knitting top

Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer 2008. Designer Cathy Carron

I love how simple and feminine it is.  The deep waist ribbing is very flattering. Especially if you knit it very tight – it feels like you are wearing a corset.

Knitting top. Vogue Knitting

 This top was such a quick knit, I finished it in five days. I absolutely loved the idea of the ribbon woven through the eyelets along the neckline. Red and navy blue ribbons were the perfect last touch for my marine top.

Knitting top. Vogue KnittingOverall, it is a gorgeous summer top, that can be worn with jeans, white pants or long white skirts.

Knitting top. Vogue Knitting

Thank you, Vogue Knitting! It was a joy to make.

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ABC of Knitting

I would like to introduce you something special. The knitting book. Well, it might be not very special right now, but if we consider the time and place this book was written, it is truly unique.

Knitting and crochet book

The book was first published in 1978. 36 years later it is still one of the most popular knitting books in Russia. They say there are no knit courses in Russia that are not based on this book. ABC-book of Knitting doesn’t only contain the techniques, patterns and tips on knitting, but it contains history.

The book was first published in the Soviet Union. My Grandma told me that it was very hard at that time to buy even food, forget about the yarn. This book has the spirit of that time. There are pieces of advice how to work with the old yarn from the unraveled sweaters, how to dye yarn (not for the sake of the “hand dyed” label on it, but because there was not much of a choice of colors) and even how to change the size of your needles by sharpening them!

Knitting and crochet book

I know from the stories of my Grandma how happy and delighted she was if she had the opportunity to buy some yarn, no matter what fiber, color or weight. Just the yarn. Can you imagine living in a country without constant access to the yarn?!!! There was no choice of knitting magazines, no patterns to buy. Sometimes some newspapers would publish one-size instructions for the sweater. This book really makes me appreciate all the privileges we have now – the choice of yarn, knitting magazines, independent designers, online and live workshops, beautiful yarn stores.

No matter what, all these restrictions didn’t stop thousands and thousands of women to create absolutely unique pieces, true artifacts. ABC book was the first one who put all these years of practice into theory and helped a lot of people to learn to knit and crochet. Though some patterns are definitely too old-fashioned to knit,

Knitting and crochet book

I’ve never in my life thought of knitting a pair of tights, how about you?

… the collection of knitting techniques and little crafty secrets is priceless.


This book is so important to me, that it had to cross the ocean to be on my coffee table.

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Kids Knit

This cute little hat was made by one of my Montessori students.

Knitting Hat

Boy, am I proud! I started to work in this classroom last year and naturally knitting and crochet became an extra activity during the art time. We have a little shelf with yarn, hooks and needles, which makes me so happy.  Now I can say for sure that two of my students are full-time knitters! They don’t care about the recess – they knit! Now looking at this hat I feel like I’ve served my duty of bringing knitting to younger generation. 🙂

Knitting Hat

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Textured Cardigan. Vogue Knitting

The first days after the hurricane we were completely cut off from the rest of the world, as the fallen electricity poles and trees blocked the way out of the house. Obviously all the classes at school were suspended. So, among this mess, I had all the time on my hands to start something new, fresh and challenging.

I found my almost torn apart Vogue Knitting Winter 2012/13 edition in the bedroom, floating in the water. I dried it on the sun and was happy to find out that all the instructions were readable.

Knitting Cardigan Vogue Knitting

I chose the pattern for the Textured Jacket by Shirley Paden that I wanted to try months ago, but never had time for it. Well, after the hurricane I had no more excuses – I was stuck in the house, the school was off, no electricity and no Internet.

I chose the local yarn, 100% mercerized cotton of light beige color that I always have in my stash since I’ve tried it for the first time. This shade looks classy and elegant with any garment and any stitch pattern.

Knitting Cardigan Vogue Knitting

I remember starting this project 1 year ago, but I stopped after having knitted the swatch. The stitch pattern seemed really time and yarn consuming to me, but oh, so beautiful.

Knitting Cardigan Vogue Knitting

Knitting Cardigan Vogue Knitting

This stitch pattern doesn’t let you relax, you need to follow the chart and the instructions row by row really carefully. But that was exactly what I needed – to stay focused on one thing at a time. So, it was a win-win situation – I didn’t let myself to become overwhelmed with the last events, but create something absolutely stunning.

Knitting Cardigan Vogue Knitting

I am still working on it, modifying it a little bit. Let see what will come out of it. I’ll keep you updated!



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Knitter’s Treasury

When the first shock after Odile passed, I sat down to revise my knitter’s treasury. Fortunately most of my stash survived, though some precious balls of yarn are lost forever. Here they are, dripping with water; others are in a trash basket.


The books, Vogue Knitting,The Ultimate Knitting Book and the Knitter’s Handy Book of Sweater Patterns, are torn apart into pieces. Some of my projects are also not repairable. The recently finished Back to Basics sweater, knit from the beautiful blend of linen and cotton was found outside of the house, looking quite beaten up

Before Odile

Knitting Sweater

After Odile

Knitting Sweater

I had to send it to the trash, as the holes in the sleeves are huge and I don’t think it’s possible to wash it. Bye, bye, sweater…

Knitting Sweater

The raglan pullover that I started just one week before Odile was almost finished. I was knitting the sleeves for it just before the hurricane. The yarn for it was literally swimming in water and the back and the front pieces are covered with dirty spots. Maybe I’ll be able to recover it later. Can you believe it?!! I am living in the house without windows and thinking about how to recover the handknit sweater.

Though it’s definitely not the most pleasant experience of throwing away the soft cotton balls of yarn and handknit items to the trash, I am truly enjoying each day right now, just because I am here, safe and healthy with my family and the roof above my head. We are slowly recovering the house and I’ve come back to work.

Life is good…

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Vogue Knitting Pattern. Boat-Neck pullover #tbt

I was casually browsing the when I saw this free pattern. The basic shape, beautiful stitch pattern, very versatile design by Norah Gaughan. This pattern turned out to be the only one that I repeated several times, with different yarn and different size variations. I knitted the last one with the local Trigo yarn, 100% natural, very soft and light cotton. I fell in love with the color. The sweater looks like it’s been dipped into the dark honey.

vogue knitting sweater

 I made some modifications to the pattern. The neckline and the hem seemed a little “messy” to me in the original pattern, so I trimmed them with the basic 2*2 rib.

Knitting, sweater

The perfect combination of the stitch pattern and the yarn made the sweater so light that I almost don’t feel it on my skin, it’s like a spider web. At the same time it’s incredibly soft and cozy.

Knitting, sweater

I will definitely knit this pattern again. Thank you, Vogue Knitting!

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