Rowan Yarn

I am back. I took a week off from blogging to finish everything at work before my winter vacations. I am officially off work for 18 days!!! I love my job, but gosh it feels good to devote more time to family, home and crafting! So I am super excited and can’t wait to cast on something new! Usually I am very strict and restrain myself from working on more than 3 projects at the same time. Maybe I have to relax, just for vacation time. Especially now when I have something new and delicious in my stash.

Knitting Blog Rowan Yarn

I have been knitting and crocheting non-stop for almost five years now. But this is the first time I bought Rowan yarn. I fell in love with it without even seeing it  long time ago.

I am certainly NOT disappointed. Savannah. 100% cotton of rich chocolate color with silk threading – can a girl ask for more?

Knitting Blog Rowan Yarn

As usual I have no idea what I want to make out of it. So just randomly knitting with good old stockinette stitch… I love this uneven texture.

Knitting Blog Rowan Yarn


I hope you are enjoying this pre-holiday rush. See you soon!

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Knitting at Dawn

On the weekend I was listening to Woolful podcast’s interview with Jess from She was telling about her day and how much time she usually spends on her crafts. Jess raised a very important question for me – how do you balance your life and include everything that you love to do without missing your meals and bedtime?

For me it’s always an issue. Afternoons and weekends are full with doubts and questions. Do I want to knit, to crochet, do some machine knitting, read a knitting blog, start learning to sew, read a book, watch Craftsy videos, do a workout, walk with the dog, organize my yarn, etc, etc?..

I have my own kind-of-schedule that kind-of-works for me.

For example I never have too many WIPs going on. I usually have one knitting project, one crochet project and one machine knitting project going on at the same time. If I have more, I get overwhelmed and can’t get things done.

I always wake up at the same time, 5:30 in the morning, whether it’s Sunday or middle of the workweek. Consistency helps me to stay focused. Morning is my favorite time of the day when the world is asleep, still and silent and I can have my blissful extra 40 minutes of knitting/crochet before going to work.

If not for the knitting time, the dawn is so worth to welcome just for this sky…

Knitting blog knitting time Knitting blog knitting time

No matter how hectic my life gets, I try to stop for a moment to feel grateful…Knitting blog knitting time

 What is your crafty schedule?

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Modification Monday at Knitted Bliss

Today my Textured Jacket went for a visit to Julie, from Knitted BlissKnitting Textured Cardigan

Julie’s blog is full of cozy knits, beautiful pictures and tempting recipes (which I guess I will never master – I am a terrible cook). I feel so thrilled to be a part of it. Thank you, Julie, for having me!

As for the jacket it’s been living quiet a busy life down here. The knitwear weather is officially here, so I am wearing the jacket almost every day. I get a whole lot of have-you-really-made-it-s. I am trying my best to convert non-knitters into knitters by it’s-not-that-hard-when-you-get-to-it-s. If crochet is pretty popular in my town, knitting, for some reason, is almost completely abandoned. Personally I don’t know a single hand knitter around here. I am so happy to stay in touch with the knitting/crochet /all-kinds-of-crafts community from all around the world on my blog. Thank you for being with me! It means a lot.


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Keep on…

After losing my Back To Basics sweater in the hurricane…

Knitting Sweater

… I tried my best to recover another handknit – Raglan Pullover from Creative Cables. Unfortunately this one is lost as well. I couldn’t clean these unidentified spots. Plus the sweater was floating in dirty water for hours, so the smell is unbearable.

Knitting Blog Sweater Cables

 Bye, bye…

Knitting Blog Sweater Cables

But I decided not to give up on it, as I’ve been planning to knit it for a long time. Actually when I was knitting a swatch for it, I was choosing between rich burgundy red and grey-brown shades. Well, I guess red wasn’t meant to be knit. So, I am moving on.


Knitting Blog Sweater Cables


I remember reading one phrase that stuck in my head: The formula for success is simple: just double your rate of failure. I am back on track exactly where I started – a swatch…

Knitting Blog Sweater Cables

Sometimes sweaters, houses, people fall apart. So there’s nothing else to do but keep on going and… well, as for me, knitting.

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Musings Of a Handknitter on Machine Knitting

Odile-recovery is still going on here… Yesterday I finally got to my knitting machine, which was wrapped up in blankets and hidden in a closet during the hurricane. It survived, but needs some oiling. As it’s almost impossible to buy anything in half destroyed shops right now, I should probably wait for another couple of weeks before using it again.

I started to think about buying a knitting machine a couple of years ago. For multiply reasons.

Reason #1. I LOVE knitwear. I can’t get enough of it. I love basic stockinette stitch garments, but as a handknitter I prefer complicated and challenging patterns over which I can break my head. I have tons of projects planned, I think a lifetime is not enough. I know there is always hope, but also there are times when you have to face a dreadful reality – it’s impossible to knit twenty garments a month. So, at some point I thought if I really want to get to my basic knits, knitting machine is a good way to go.

Reason #2. Experiment. Knitting machine gives me more freedom in bringing my ideas to life. I can experiment with colors and different forms of shaping before trying it in handknitting. It is my white canvas.

Reason #3. My stash. All these colorful squashy balls of yarn deserve to be put in action.

Knitting machine Yarn

Having thought everything through, I decided to buy my very first knitting machine one year ago. After reading dozens of reviews, I chose Silver Reed LK150, one of the most basic and simple models.

Knitting machine Yarn

To be honest I imagined that the instruction for the knitting machine would look something like that:

  1. Choose the yarn you like
  2. Choose the style of the garment you would love to make
  3. Press a button
  4. Come back in 30-60 minutes to pick up the garment

Ha! So far from the truth…

I must say it was not love at first sight. Honestly, I was a little bit intimidated by it. It looked so unfamiliar, so not knitting.  But after a while I understood that I’d found a new “yarny” hobby – challenging and truly enjoyable.

Machine knitting takes time to master, just like handknitting. There is a variety of techniques and little secrets that make this craft fascinating.

To my surprise, it’s so much closer to handknitting than I thought. I wouldn’t label the garment made on the knitting machine as handknit, but handmade for sure. The time put into it and the amount of work that you actually do with your hands are definitely not comparable with the mass production knitwear.

So for me, a passionate handknitter and crocheter, machine knitting is a completely different and challenging experience.

I always wonder how other handknitters see machine knitting. Let me know!

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Textured Jacket.Wearing.

Knitting cardigan

The weather is absolutely beautiful right now. I can’t believe this sky color, it looks surreal… The mornings are cool, windy and perfect for knitwear. I had a chance to wear my Textured Jacket last weekend. It’s raveled here.

Knitting cardigan

Hand Knit Cardigan

I love its neutral color – it looks completely different in the morning and evening light.

Hand Knit Cardigan


Hand Knit Cardigan

As the jacket is pretty “busy” itself, in my opinion it looks better when worn with simple clothes – jeans or dresses of basic silhouettes in neutral colors.


The only concern I have is that it might be difficult to take care of it. The textured fabric + neutral color can be challenging to wash. If you have any tips, please, let me know! Other than that it’s so comfortable. I can’t resist wrapping myself up in its cables and twists!

These photos were taken in one of my favorite local spots. This is Estero (or Estuary). It is a beautiful place full of vegetation and magnificent birds. The river runs all the way from the mountains and is surrounded by trees, bushes and beautiful flowers.

Knitting cardigan

Before the hurricane there was a lovely path running along the river. Every morning you could see people running, biking, stretching, walking with dogs… In the afternoons it was a perfect place to sit on a bench reading a book, knitting or just looking around, savouring the moment and this beautiful life…

Knitting cardigan

After Odile many trees are gone, the river is two times wider and there is no sight of the path or the benches. But it’s still very special and dear to me. I can’t wait for winter to come when Estero welcomes dozens of different kinds of birds. It is such a great experience to go there with our Montessori class and observe birds, little animals, different kinds of plants…

I also used to teach my small pilates class here last year. I wish I had more time for it right now.

Throwing in some pilates moves 🙂

Knitting cardigan


Now I am at this exciting stage of choosing the next project… So many gorgeous patterns out there. What is on your wait list?

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