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Friday Knitting Inspiration. Jessica Leclere.

Today’s knitwear inspiration is a young textile designer Jessica Leclere. Born in Paris, Jessica got her degree from the Royal College of Art and soon started her own knitwear line that is innovative, fresh and very inspiring.

Jessica’s approach to creating knitwear is very far from traditional. She is always in search of new materials, shapes and textures. There is something futuristic about Jessica’s knit pieces – color effect, structured architectural shapes, unusual construction.

This is definitely a new generation knitting! I admire how the designer turns classic stitches and shapes into something completely unique and unexpected.

My personal favorite is the sweater from Jessica’s Plaits and Ladders project. Slipped long stitches and an unusual cables construction break all the stereotypes of how the knit sweater should look like.

Make sure to visit designer’s official website for more knitwear inspiration –

Wish you a great weekend and fun craft experiments!


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Friday Knitting and Crochet Inspiration. Maiyet.

Today I would love to share with you some knitwear pieces from the  Spring/Summer 2016 collection by modern fashion brand Maiyet. Though the heart of the company can be found in New York City, Maiyet can be definitely called international fashion brand. The label works with crafters and artisans from all over the world – India, Thailand, Peru, Italy, Kenya, Japan, etc.

Knitting Inspiration

Handmade crochet Fringe Scarf and hand knit Arc T-Shirt Dress. 100% Japanese silk. Photo:

What I love about the company is how passionate it is about hand crafting. Maiyet works with skillful and passionate fiber artists from all over the world and the list of the techniques used in creating their collections is fascinating – hand knitting, macrame, crochet, hand block print development, reverse appliqué, embroidery, batik, shibori, metal working and hand carving.

Knitting Inspiration

Handmade Wave Jacquard Sweater. 72% wool, 28% pape. Photo:

This collection is so fresh, light and perfectly relaxed. Simple designs, hand craft and premium yarn… Perfect for a cool windy summer evening…

Knitting Inspiration

Hand knit Crew Neck Sweater. 100% Japanese silk. Photo:

I would wear every single one of these pieces! My personal favorite is this sweater-tunic with slipped stitches. I love how the simple technique created such an interesting effect!

Knitting Inspiration

Handmade Dress. Photo:

For more inspiration visit Maiyet official website – There you will find not only hand knit clothes, but also all kinds of textile craft!

Have a great creative weekend!


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Friday Knitting Inspiration. ESK.

Inspiration – ESK Knitwear

Knitting Inspiration | Knitting Blog

Ingrid Ribbed Sweater. 100% Scottish spun cashmere. Photo:

This week I would love to share with you a knitwear brand hat has been in business for several decades – ESK. Its name became the synonym of “quality knitwear”. Simple and clean lines, high quality fiber, classic shapes – ESK’s knitwear has everything to become a timeless wardrobe piece.

Knitting Inspiration | Knitting Blog

June Wide Sweater. 100% Scottish spun cashmere. Photo:

I love brand’s minimalism design aesthetics. Simple and clean lines, high quality fiber (mostly cashmere), classic shapes – ESK’s knitwear has everything to become a timeless wardrobe piece.

Knitting Inspiration | Knitting Blog

Alexa Cable Crew Sweater. 100% Scottish spun cashmere. Photo:

The color scheme is very basic – beige, white, ivory, grey with the occasional intarsia graphic designs.

Knitting Inspiration | Knitting Blog

Pop Sweater. 100% Scottish spun cashmere. Photo:

I love how ESK has been preserving knitting traditions for generations: “We make and mill everything in Scotland under the same roof and we source our yarns with care and integrity, trying to use the small but rich seam of spinners in this country and Italy.”

For more inspiration visit the brand’s official website –

I hope you will have a great creative weekend! I am very excited about mine, after a very busy week we are heading on a road trip to Mexico City for a couple of days. I know a yarn shop that I really want to visit there – it sells only locally produced fiber and I am so curious to see what they have to offer. I also hope to visit some museums and just stroll around the city. See you on Sunday!


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Friday Knitting Inspiration. Coohem.

Happy Friday!

This week I am fascinated by Coohem, a Japanese knitwear brand. The brand emerged from Yonetomi Seni Co. company that has been in textile business since 1952. The company has its own absolutely unique style and stands out among other knitwear brands with their design aesthetics and technical innovations. The brand has developed an absolutely innovative approach to creating knitwear. Yonetomi Seni Co. has been working for decades creating its own knit textile techniques. As a result of this work “Yonetomi Tweeds” were born – innovative and original knit tweed fabric. The fabric is created by combining various yarns – mixing different fibers, textures and colors.

Knitting Inspiration | Knitting Blog

Yonetomi Tweeds. Photo:

The knitwear created with this fabric is absolutely fascinating! Classic knit tweed jackets, vests, dresses, sweaters and skirts…

Knitting Inspiration | Knitting Blog

Collection: Autumn/Winter 2010. Photo:

The knit tweed creates a firm and steady fabric that can be turned into beautiful structured garments.

Knitting Inspiration | Knitting Blog

Collection: Autumn/Winter 2010. Photo:

Coohem combines classic knitwear techniques with their own innovative approach and mixes traditional knit fabric with their knit tweed to create unique and outstanding knitwear pieces.

Knitting Inspiration | Knitting Blog

Collection: Autumn/Winter 2010. Photo:

This is why I love knitwear so much – there are no rules, no boundaries and no limits to what you can do with yarn in your hands! I hope you are inspired to experiment this weekend with your skeins and needles!

Find more inspiring knitwear on brand’s official website

Have a great weekend!



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Friday Knitting Inspiration. Iris Von Arnim.

Today I would love to introduce you to one of my favorite knitwear designers – Iris Von Arnim, a German fashion designer. Iris started knitting in early 70s. She got into the car accident and while recovering in the hospital, picked up the needles. As turned out the car accident opened up a new world for this wonderful, hardworking and talented woman. 6 years later Iris opened her first small boutique in Munich.

In early 80s Iris’s knitwear brand was rapidly growing. She was among the first designers to introduce cashmere in Germany and was one of the first to “spice up” classic knitwear with bold colors and intarsia.

Right now Iris Von Arnim label is known all over the world. Her knitwear brand turned into the full fashion label with dress and woven items in every collection. The company has been in the business for 35 years and I really hope it will keep creating for many years to come.

I admire Iris’s sense of style, the simplicity and elegance of each piece, beautiful and eco-friendly materials.This is the kind of knitwear that you can wear every single day, every season. It is timeless.

For more inspiration visit brand’s official website You will be lost there for hours!

Have a great weekend! I hope you will have enough time to devote to your craft!


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Friday Knitting Inspiration. Guðrun & Guðrun.

Once upon a time two knitters had a dream… In 2002, in a remote and tiny place, the Faroe Islands, where population is only 45 000 people, two women started their journey to building a knitwear brand that a decade later would be recognized in the fashion capitals of the world.

The Faroe Islands are situated in the North Atlantic, between Iceland and Norway. You might have heard of Faroese sheep breed that has been an integral part of the Islands for many centuries. This animal is even the symbol of the place and is depicted on its coat of arms. Wool and wool products used to be the main factor in the Faroe Islands economy, but over the years it changed and right now most of the wool is being burnt. Some people are still trying to revive wool production, building spinning mills, producing yarn and knitwear.

Guðrun & Guðrun has created something truly unique. All their pieces are hand knit.

knitting inspiration

Photo: Collection: Autumn/Winter 2014

The company works closely with the local community and provided work places for around 30 women. Many sweaters are made from raw untreated wool that is a production waste product (otherwise it would be just burnt). Company artfully balances traditions and modern knitwear tendencies, creating exquisite handmade items.

knitting inspiration

Photo: Collection: Autumn/Winter 2012

I really love the design aesthetics of using soft neutral colors and at the same time mixing different textures, fibers and shapes. The result is outstanding!

knitting inspiration

Photo: Collection: Spring/Summer 2012

My favorite piece is  dress. I have never seen anything like that before! Light hand knit dress that looks like it came from the pages of a fairy tale!

For more inspiration visit brand’s official website –

Have a relaxing and creative weekend!



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