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Knitwear Review. Paris Fashion Week, Fall/Winter 2016/17.

Knitwear Review. Paris Fashion Week. Fall/Winter 2017/2018

Sweater by Chloé

This is my last knitwear review from Fall/Winter ’17/18. It’s been an amazing creative exercise for me to get to know so many ways of working with color, construction and fibers. In each piece I’ve found some details that I will try to explore and interpret in my own way in my knitting projects. Today I am sharing with you knitwear pieces from Paris.

Chanel showed basic sweaters and crochet+knitting+embellishment dress of classic shape.

Knitwear Review. Paris Fashion Week. Fall/Winter 2017/2018


Sonia Rykiel presented a pretty big collection of outwear and sweaters with patchwork, inside out fair isle, asymmetric hems, lace and cables.

Knitwear Review. Paris Fashion Week. Fall/Winter 2017/2018

Sonia Rykiel

Chunky, oversize and exaggerated colorful sweaters from Balenciaga and Paul & Joe will definitely keep you warm.

Knitwear Review. Paris Fashion Week. Fall/Winter 2017/2018

Balenciaga and Paul & Joe

Textile performance by Undercover where fabric plays the main role. It is quiet amazing to see how knitting can take pretty much any shape! The designer wanted to let his creativity flow freely and present the utopia world where there is no judgement and where “everybody would be equal”.

Knitwear Review. Paris Fashion Week. Fall/Winter 2017/2018


Paco Rabanne and Wanda Nylon showed cozy, loose and drapey sweaters, dresses, skirts and even pants.

Knitwear Review. Paris Fashion Week. Fall/Winter 2017/2018

Paco Rabanne and Wanda Nylon

Color was presented in form of intarsia, fair isle (note how the designer is interrupting the classic fair isle motif with the letters running along the yoke) ans stripes (this cozy, light mohair sweater would be my ideal stay-home-all-weekend sweater).

Knitwear Review. Paris Fashion Week. Fall/Winter 2017/2018

Isabel Marant, Loewe and Chloé

Unusual techniques – crochet bobble stripes, dropped stitches, gradient transition from knit to fabric. The last one is especially fascinating to watch – fair isle is gradually mixing in with light polka dot fabric and inch by inch changes into light skirt. If you are like me obsessed with exploring every single detail of the fabric, here are the links to high resolution photos that you can zoom in to see all the techniques up close – crochet cardigan and sweater-dress.

Knitwear Review. Paris Fashion Week. Fall/Winter 2017/2018

Loewe and Nehera

Basics always find their way into each season, there hasn’t been anything better invented yet.

Knitwear Review. Paris Fashion Week. Fall/Winter 2017/2018

Atlein, Paco Rabanne and Dries Van Noten

Dior created beautiful gradient shades of deep blue and textures. You can see more details how the bobbles form the pattern here, make sure to zoom in – bobble sweater.

Knitwear Review. Paris Fashion Week. Fall/Winter 2017/2018


This weekend I watched the documentary “Dior and I” about the behind the scenes process of creating collections. Though the movie is mostly about the creative director of the house, I fell absolutely in love with people in Dior’s atelier, who actually bring the ideas to life. I was amazed by their knowledge and skills, passion for textiles and fabric, and a great love for their craft. I especially found it fascinating that most of the crafters there have been working in atelier for decades, I only dream to have their skills one day!

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

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Knitwear Review. Milan Fashion Week, Fall/Winter 2017/18.

Knitwear Review. Milan Fashion Week. Fall/Winter 2017

Sweater and cardigan by Laura Biagiotti

Designers at Milan fashion week didn’t disappoint – I’ve found 100+ knitwear pieces! All of them different and interesting in their own way. It was hard to choose the pieces for this review, I tried to group them and filter out the tendencies that seem to prevail.

Cropped sweaters. Cropped shapes with bell sleeves and very tight ribbing at the waist appeared in many collections in different interpretations – classic and elaborate stitches, bright and neutral colors, textured and plain fabric. They look quiet dramatic and remind me of 80’s  in some way.

Knitwear Review. Milan Fashion Week. Fall/Winter 2017

Aquilano Rimondi, Les Copains, Fay

Knitwear Review. Milan Fashion Week. Fall/Winter 2017

Philosophy di Lorenzo and Elisabetta Franchi

Back to Black. Though knitting with black yarn isn’t that fun, the result is definitely worth it – it will probably become the most versatile and wearable sweater in your wardrobe. Seems like oversize sweaters are still ruling the knitwear world and it is easy to understand – they are so comfy and cozy to snuggle in!

Knitwear Review. Milan Fashion Week. Fall/Winter 2017

Les Copains and Krizia

Color was presented in all forms and shapes – stripes, intarsia, graphics, patchwork…

Missoni, known for its amazing work with color (just remember their famous chevron colorful patterns!), presented a knitwear collection that is bursting with color! There are dozens of knitwear pieces – sweaters, skirts, dresses, pants. If you are interested to see all of them, you can find the photo report here.

Knitwear Review. Milan Fashion Week. Fall/Winter 2017


Stripes never get old. I absolutely loved how Les Copains added contrasting color blocks to classic navy/white stripes. Alberta Ferretti makes the stripes gradually grow wider that creates unusual visual effect.

Knitwear Review. Milan Fashion Week. Fall/Winter 2017

Les Copains and Alberta Ferretti

Graphics. Rhombus shapes by Versace are achieved by intarsia and sparkly embellishment over the finished sweater. Philosophy di Lorenzo created a beautiful blue/black contrasting piece – I never thought that I would like such a sharp color contrast in knit garment, but this one looks pretty harmonious.

Knitwear Review. Milan Fashion Week. Fall/Winter 2017

Versace and Philosophy di Lorenzo

Intarsia. Designers are “drawing” with knit stitches all kinds of shapes and pictures! One angle intarsia looks so beautiful, but will be so hard to achieve – the body and the sleeve have to be perfectly aligned.

Knitwear Review. Milan Fashion Week. Fall/Winter 2017

Krizia and Tods

Next three intarsia pieces are absolutely exquisite! The first grey sweater with the beautiful motifs on the folded collar is just stunning! The beach scene intarsia is a a piece of art to me – it is so hard to “translate” a picture into knit stitches. I would wear the last sweater every single day – I loved how fuzzy yarn created the blurred affect, looks like  beautiful oil painting…

Knitwear Review. Milan Fashion Week. Fall/Winter 2017

Stella Jean, N21 and Alberta Ferretti

Messy Intarsia. When you don’t feel like weaving in ends… 🙂

Knitwear Review. Milan Fashion Week. Fall/Winter 2017

Cristiano Burani and Laura Biagiotti

Embellishments. More and more designers mix embroidery with different materials on the knit fabric to add extra texture and sparkle.

Knitwear Review. Milan Fashion Week. Fall/Winter 2017

Laura Biagiotti and Prada

Neutral Basics. My favorite trend 🙂 Classic, cozy, timeless pieces – knitwear at its best!

Knitwear Review. Milan Fashion Week. Fall/Winter 2017

Laura Biagiotti

Basics with the twist. Traditional stitches, neutral conservative colors and unusual cut. The poncho-sweater is such a great alternative to a heavy coat.

Knitwear Review. Milan Fashion Week. Fall/Winter 2017

Jil Sander and Les Copains

That’s it for Milan’s knitwear review. So far it’s been my favorite collection of knits, we’ll see what Paris has to show next week.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

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Knitwear Review. London Fashion Week, Fall/Winter 2017.

Knitwear Review. London Fashion Week. Fall/Winter 2017

Rib Knit Dress by Teatum Jones

Happy Monday! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and ready to start a new week! Today I continue to share with you knitwear pieces that appeared in new F/W ’17 collections. This time we “travel” to London. I was interested to see what designers might come up with, as London is famous for its diverse culture. To my surprise there were not that many knit items in each collection as you might expect for cold season, but I managed to find some to show you here.

Basics. Many designers preferred to keep it simple and don’t experiment. As a result there were a lot of basic knits that are easy to knit and wear. I think we, sweater knitters, all have/had at least one such piece on the needles – classic shape, easy stitches and simple colors.

Knitwear Review. London Fashion Week. Fall/Winter 2017

Daks and Margaret Howell

A little bit more color from Jasper Conran. I am in love with the striped sweater. It looks so cozy and soft! Perfect for simple jeans and long walks. I especially like the stripe sequence – this is my weakest side in knitting and I am always interested to see how others play with colors.

Knitwear Review. London Fashion Week. Fall/Winter 2017

Jasper Conran

Eudon Choi showed big chunky sweaters (looks like they are knit in fisherman’s rib) in simple earthly shades. The detail that attracted my attention is the neckline – something between classic crew neck and  turtle neck.

Knitwear Review. London Fashion Week. Fall/Winter 2017

Eudon Choi

Color. I’ve found some interesting interpretations of the colorwork in several shows.

House of Holland and Huishan Zhang used graphic motifs and intarsia. The black-and-white sweater knit in angora or mohair looks pretty striking – such a sharp contrast. If we look closely on Zhang’s cardigan and sweater, we could notice that after the pieces were knit, each diamond’s contour is stitched with contrasting color – quiet interesting visual effect.

Knitwear Review. London Fashion Week. Fall/Winter 2017

House of Holland and Huishan Zhang

Three ways to work with color by Teatum Jones and Joseph:

  • Stripes – sweater is knit in horizontal ribbing stripes with the contrasting thinner year running between rows.
  • Intarsia – pretty impressive and very hard to execute color work! But it offers so many possibilities!
  • Color blocking – cable sweater is “cut” in two pieces by contrasting colors. This is a great idea if you don’t have enough yarn for the whole sweater. I also thought it might look good with gradient effect.
Knitwear Review. London Fashion Week. Fall/Winter 2017

Teatum Jones and Joseph

Extravagance. As usual, there are extravagant and over-the-board pieces to be found – designers usually use them to create an image/mood for the show and demonstrate the materials and stitches. What usually happens is that after the show the designers leave just some details from the piece (stitch pattern/colorwork/etc) to produce more wearable items based on these extravagant show samples.

Ports 1961 and Joseph used super chunky yarns and extremely oversize shapes.

Knitwear Review. London Fashion Week. Fall/Winter 2017

Ports 1961 and Joseph

Fashion East threw on a real textile show! They mixed colors, different yarns, shapes to expand textile/knit boundaries and see what can be done with yarn. Though none of these pieces is wearable, they still remind that the knit/crochet stitches are so diverse and can be turned into anything your imagination allows!

Knitwear Review. London Fashion Week. Fall/Winter 2017

Fashion East

Asymmetry. Burberry showed asymmetrical/multiple layers cable sweaters in neutral shades. Cables “run” in different directions mixing in with different stitch patterns. This effect can be achieved by knitting several pieces and seaming them afterwords, like the patchwork/quilt technique.

Knitwear Review. London Fashion Week. Fall/Winter 2017


That’s it for London knitwear review! I hope you’ve found here something interesting and eye-catching.

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Knitwear Review. New York Fashion Week, Fall/Winter 2017.

Knitwear Review. New York Fashion Week. Fall/Winter 2017

Fair Isle sweater by Adam Lippes

I never skip the opportunity to see new and unusual knitwear pieces and get inspired. It’s Fall/Winter 2017 fashion weeks season in the world of vogue and I thought it would be interesting to see what knitwear ideas the designers come up with in the new season. Several months ago I already shared NYFW spring/summer knitwear review and that post spiked quiet a contradictory discussion on one of the Facebook pages. So, before I get to the review, I want to remind that the runway show is a show and a lot of pieces do look unwearable and quiet out of this world, but for me there is always something inspiring to be found – whether it is just a small detail on the sleeve or the whole sweater.

Classic. Simple, cozy, oversize casual sweaters paired with the skirt seem to be the thing in fall/winter 2017. Mohair pieces by Dion Lee look so incredibly soft and light – I would live in them! Neutral and subdued colors are perfect for these wardrobe staples. And these sweaters are so easy to knit, though to create such wonderful drape, you’d have to use a pretty thin yarn.

Knitwear Review. New York Fashion Week. Fall/Winter 2017

Dion Lee and Victoria Beckham

Knitwear Review. New York Fashion Week. Fall/Winter 2017

Nicholas K and Brock Collection

Colorwork. I very rarely work with fair isle and intarsia, but some of the pieces from the shows are so wonderful that I might reconsider soon! Such a great idea by 3.1 Phillip Lim to use a completely different in structure/color fiber for intarsia in the dark blue sweater. The pink dress looks like the work of patchwork with subtle grey intarsia details.

Knitwear Review. New York Fashion Week. Fall/Winter 2017

3.1 Phillip Lim

A little bit more extreme work with color: fringes, multiple colors and intarsia motifs. I wouldn’t recreate the whole sweater like these ones, but I would definitely love to add some fringe details to my sweaters!

Knitwear Review. New York Fashion Week. Fall/Winter 2017

Zadig & Voltaire and Cinq a Sept

One more color techniques that attracted my attention – intarsia combined with embroidery and different materials. Victoria Beckham (in the middle) mixed knitting and sewing in one sweater – there are patches of knit stitches and the usual sewing fabric. I think it is a great way to experiment!! Delpozo went further and combined classic intarsia with beads, feathers and other unusual materials. Personally I would knit a simple grey sweater and embroider it with silver beads – definitely saving this idea for future projects!

Knitwear Review. New York Fashion Week. Fall/Winter 2017

Victoria Beckham and Delpozo

Tory Burch is also giving us interesting ideas for color knitting. The green sweater’s yoke is work inside out showing all the floats. This is not the first time I see designers using the wrong side of the fair isle as the public one and I really love the effect created – the color pattern becomes slightly blurred. I also like the unusual stripes placement in the sweater in the middle, definitely worth taking a note!

Knitwear Review. New York Fashion Week. Fall/Winter 2017

Tory Burch

Öhlin/D and Whit presented wonderful sweaters – simple and classic shapes with very beautiful color play. The first sweater is knit using the usual fair isle technique and then contrast color knitted stripes are woven into the fabric – love it!

Knitwear Review. New York Fashion Week. Fall/Winter 2017

Öhlin/D and Whit

Carolina Herrera is classic and feminine, as usual. Colorful, but monochrome sweaters with a bit of texture and classic fit. Would knit and wear all of them!

Knitwear Review. New York Fashion Week. Fall/Winter 2017

Carolina Herrera

More subtle colors and textures from Sies Marjan and Eckhaus Latta. Though the sweater in the middle is menswear I would definitely cuddle in it – love the neckline and the textured sleeves.

Knitwear Review. New York Fashion Week. Fall/Winter 2017

Sies Marjan and Eckhaus Latta

Neutral knits were also abundant. Those knits by Brandon Maxwell, Michael Kors and Oscar de la Renta are quiet extravagant – cropped shape with exaggerated shoulders, one sleeve sweater paired with a sleeve scarf (that is definitely something new!) and super oversize sweater with extra long sleeves.

Knitwear Review. New York Fashion Week. Fall/Winter 2017

Brandon Maxwell, Michael Kors and Oscar de la Renta

More neutrals by Oday Shakar and Sachin & Babi. The sweaters are wearable and very beautiful – classic crewneck knit in yarn with a sheen, bell sleeves and casual cable sweater. I would definitely knit the last one!

Knitwear Review. New York Fashion Week. Fall/Winter 2017

Oday Shakar and Sachin & Babi

One of my favorite neutrals is this simple and elegant dress by Lela Rose – look at the cable combined with beads details!

Knitwear Review. New York Fashion Week. Fall/Winter 2017

Lela Rose

Two sweaters that attracted most of my attention are by Prabal Gurung – though the shapes of the sweaters are quiet extreme, the details are mesmerizing! Cables, fringe, ribbing, beads – so many unusual details!

Knitwear Review. New York Fashion Week. Fall/Winter 2017

Prabal Gurung

Two simple, wearable and knit inspiring sweaters by J. Crew and Adam Lippes. I love the yoke on the blue sweater – such a classic, yet modern design. And the beautiful travelling ribbing on white sweater is going on my to try list!

Knitwear Review. New York Fashion Week. Fall/Winter 2017

J. Crew and Adam Lippes

J. Crew created a truly wonderful collection – light, feminine and very wearable and “knitable”. Off the shoulder cozy grey sweater is on my must-knit list for ages! And what an unusual way of combining fair isle and cables in green pullover! Absolutely beautiful!

Knitwear Review. New York Fashion Week. Fall/Winter 2017

J. Crew

That’s it for NYFW review and I hope you’ve found here something interesting, something inspiring and maybe something funny 🙂 Fashion week is in London right now and I am definitely going to watch out for more knits!

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Knitwear Inspiration. NYFW 2016.

Happy Sunday! It’s been awhile since my last Knitting Inspiration post and today I decided to show you the best knitwear pieces that appeared during New York Fashion Week 2016 that took place last week, where numerous designers showed their Spring/Summer 2017 collections. As I said many times before, knitting/crochet possibilities are really endless and it’s always so much fun to see the professional fashion designers’ interpretation of the classic stitches in their work! I also included my own notes how to try and recreate similar pieces in your own knitting/crochet. If to think about it – it is not that hard!! Let’s have fun and experiment!!

Knitting Inspiration

Designer: Prabal Gurung.

Points of Interest: Ombre effect + light feathers.

How to recreate: First of all you need a pattern for a simple boat neck pullover. Knit it in an oversize version (I would say at least 10″ of positive ease is needed). Get an ombre yarn kit; there are so many options for it on Etsy right now, so I am sure it won’t be a problem. When you are done with the sweater, look for very light and thin feathers in your local craft stores or just try very light, thin and airy yarns to recreate feathers’ look. Sew the feathers on the sweater. You can play with feathers arrangements and see where this experiment takes you!

Knitting Inspiration

Designer: Prabal Gurung.

Beige sweater

Points of Interest: Off the shoulder look, mix of different gauges, wide sleeves and intarsia.

How to recreate: To recreate this drape-y, light and transparent fabric, you need to work with very thin, spiderweb yarns (mohair/cashmere for example); to achieve the look of different gauges – you should change from knitting with one strand of yarn to several ones (the number depends how thin is your yarn). Sleeves are knit super oversize and then abruptly decreased to a fitting sleeve cuff. I think in the case of this sweater, intarsia technique is way too complicated and it will be much easier to embroider flowers on the fabric after the sweater is done.

Blue Sweater

Points of Interest: Superlong sleeves and a mix of stitches.

How to recreate: Play around with different stitch patterns and their placement.

Knitting Inspiration

Cable Sweater

Designer: Tory Burch.

Points of Interest: Cropped shape, texture and cables.

How to recreate: You need a classic Aran pullover, if you can’t find the pattern for the cropped version, you can modify the length yourself. Judging by the photo, the sweater has a pretty structured look, which means that you will have to avoid cashmere, merino, alpaca, these fibers will create too much drape, but try to make it in cotton yarn – this will give you this structured look and amazing texture!

Pompom Sweater

Designer: Kate Spade.

Points of Interest: Fun pompoms on the neckline and fringe on the hem.

How to recreate: Super easy sweater to recreate! Find a classic raglan sweater pattern with wide turtleneck and after you are done knitting it, attach fun pompoms and fringe! There are lots of tutorials online for them!

Knitting Inspiration

Designer: Alejandra Alonso.

Cable Sweater

Points of Interest: Travelling cables, asymmetric hem.

How to recreate: There are many patterns with travelling cables, so it won’t be  a problem! Asymmetric hem can be achieved with short rows.

Violet Sweater

Points of Interest: Wide sleeves and mix of textures.

How to recreate: Experiment with different stitch placement! It won’t be easy, but will definitely be worth it in the end! Knit the sleeves with at least 8″ of ease and decrease all the extra stitch in one row before starting the ribbing (that should be very fitting).

Knitting Inspiration

Crochet suit

Designer: Adam Selman.

Points of Interest: Granny squares and mix of colors.

How to recreate: Take out all you yarn leftovers and have fun! The designer used different stitch patterns and variety of colors to create this eclectic look. Take any crochet stitch dictionary and experiment!

Crochet Top

Designer: Hellessy.

Points of Interest: Asymmetric hem and shoulder.

How to recreate: Designer used crochet stitches (looks like classic shell stitches), but this top can easily be done in knitting as well! Asymmetric hem and shoulder can be achieved either with short rows or decreases/increases. I would definitely prefer the latter, because this way it would be easier to maintain the stitch pattern.

Knitting Inspiration

White Sweater

Designer: Yeezy.

Points of Interest: Oversize, off the shoulder sweater-dress.

How to recreate: Very easy to recreate! Choose chunky “fluffy” yarn and knit a very oversize long sweater with dropped shoulders and boatneck. Leave all the edges untrimmed for this “ragged” look.

Grey Sweater

Designer: DKNY.

Points of Interest: Cut-out shoulders and rib ridges.

How to recreate: A very avant-garde sweater, isn’t it? But if you are up to it, try combining simple stockinette stitch with textured ones in stripe sequence. This will create the ridges. As for the cut out shoulders: you will have to bind off half of the stitches after shaping the sleeve cap and cast on new stitches to continue the sleeve as usual.

Knitting Inspiration

Designer: Michael Kors.

Crochet Dress

Points of Interest: Crochet see through stitches.

How to recreate: The perfect summer beach dress that you can also wear with the slip dress underneath. There are many crochet dress patterns out there, so it won’t be a problem to recreate!

Grey Sweater

Points of Interest: Oversize light long sweater.

How to recreate: It looks like your boyfriend sweater, so if you want to knit the same one for yourself, just find man’s sweater pattern. Make sure to use light yarns (fingering/lace) to recreate the drape!

Knitting Inspiration

Knitting Inspiration

Designer: Novis.

Points of Interest: Crochet stitches and color blocking.

How to recreate: The designer used basic crochet stitches (single and double crochet, slip stitches and yarn overs) and simple shapes – squares and rectangles.

All photos are courtesy of

This is it for NYFW inspiration! I hope you enjoyed this little overview and are inspired to pick up your yarn and experiment!

Have a great Sunday!


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Friday Knitting Inspiration. Zynni Cashmere.

Zynni Cashmere is a young knitwear brand created by Qing Hua in 2013. A graduate of the London College of Fashion, Qing worked for several years in a cashmere garment factory in China where she studied all aspects of the cashmere garment creating process.

Before devoting her life to knitwear fashion, Qing had 6 years of training in classical Chinese dance. This experience definitely found reflection in her knitwear brand.

Zynni Cashmere works only with 100% fine cashmere of the best quality, most of it is undyed. Zynni Cashmere website has a very good article on how to take care of this luxurious fiber to make sure it will serve you a long time – Cashmere Care.

The signature style of the brand is classic clean lines, neutral colors and a superb quality. Truly timeless knitwear.

For more inspiration visit the brand’s official website –

Have a great creative weekend!



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