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Knitwear Inspiration. NYFW 2016.

Happy Sunday! It’s been awhile since my last Knitting Inspiration post and today I decided to show you the best knitwear pieces that appeared during New York Fashion Week 2016 that took place last week, where numerous designers showed their Spring/Summer 2017 collections. As I said many times before, knitting/crochet possibilities are really endless and it’s always so much fun to see the professional fashion designers’ interpretation of the classic stitches in their work! I also included my own notes how to try and recreate similar pieces in your own knitting/crochet. If to think about it – it is not that hard!! Let’s have fun and experiment!!

Knitting Inspiration

Designer: Prabal Gurung.

Points of Interest: Ombre effect + light feathers.

How to recreate: First of all you need a pattern for a simple boat neck pullover. Knit it in an oversize version (I would say at least 10″ of positive ease is needed). Get an ombre yarn kit; there are so many options for it on Etsy right now, so I am sure it won’t be a problem. When you are done with the sweater, look for very light and thin feathers in your local craft stores or just try very light, thin and airy yarns to recreate feathers’ look. Sew the feathers on the sweater. You can play with feathers arrangements and see where this experiment takes you!

Knitting Inspiration

Designer: Prabal Gurung.

Beige sweater

Points of Interest: Off the shoulder look, mix of different gauges, wide sleeves and intarsia.

How to recreate: To recreate this drape-y, light and transparent fabric, you need to work with very thin, spiderweb yarns (mohair/cashmere for example); to achieve the look of different gauges – you should change from knitting with one strand of yarn to several ones (the number depends how thin is your yarn). Sleeves are knit super oversize and then abruptly decreased to a fitting sleeve cuff. I think in the case of this sweater, intarsia technique is way too complicated and it will be much easier to embroider flowers on the fabric after the sweater is done.

Blue Sweater

Points of Interest: Superlong sleeves and a mix of stitches.

How to recreate: Play around with different stitch patterns and their placement.

Knitting Inspiration

Cable Sweater

Designer: Tory Burch.

Points of Interest: Cropped shape, texture and cables.

How to recreate: You need a classic Aran pullover, if you can’t find the pattern for the cropped version, you can modify the length yourself. Judging by the photo, the sweater has a pretty structured look, which means that you will have to avoid cashmere, merino, alpaca, these fibers will create too much drape, but try to make it in cotton yarn – this will give you this structured look and amazing texture!

Pompom Sweater

Designer: Kate Spade.

Points of Interest: Fun pompoms on the neckline and fringe on the hem.

How to recreate: Super easy sweater to recreate! Find a classic raglan sweater pattern with wide turtleneck and after you are done knitting it, attach fun pompoms and fringe! There are lots of tutorials online for them!

Knitting Inspiration

Designer: Alejandra Alonso.

Cable Sweater

Points of Interest: Travelling cables, asymmetric hem.

How to recreate: There are many patterns with travelling cables, so it won’t be  a problem! Asymmetric hem can be achieved with short rows.

Violet Sweater

Points of Interest: Wide sleeves and mix of textures.

How to recreate: Experiment with different stitch placement! It won’t be easy, but will definitely be worth it in the end! Knit the sleeves with at least 8″ of ease and decrease all the extra stitch in one row before starting the ribbing (that should be very fitting).

Knitting Inspiration

Crochet suit

Designer: Adam Selman.

Points of Interest: Granny squares and mix of colors.

How to recreate: Take out all you yarn leftovers and have fun! The designer used different stitch patterns and variety of colors to create this eclectic look. Take any crochet stitch dictionary and experiment!

Crochet Top

Designer: Hellessy.

Points of Interest: Asymmetric hem and shoulder.

How to recreate: Designer used crochet stitches (looks like classic shell stitches), but this top can easily be done in knitting as well! Asymmetric hem and shoulder can be achieved either with short rows or decreases/increases. I would definitely prefer the latter, because this way it would be easier to maintain the stitch pattern.

Knitting Inspiration

White Sweater

Designer: Yeezy.

Points of Interest: Oversize, off the shoulder sweater-dress.

How to recreate: Very easy to recreate! Choose chunky “fluffy” yarn and knit a very oversize long sweater with dropped shoulders and boatneck. Leave all the edges untrimmed for this “ragged” look.

Grey Sweater

Designer: DKNY.

Points of Interest: Cut-out shoulders and rib ridges.

How to recreate: A very avant-garde sweater, isn’t it? But if you are up to it, try combining simple stockinette stitch with textured ones in stripe sequence. This will create the ridges. As for the cut out shoulders: you will have to bind off half of the stitches after shaping the sleeve cap and cast on new stitches to continue the sleeve as usual.

Knitting Inspiration

Designer: Michael Kors.

Crochet Dress

Points of Interest: Crochet see through stitches.

How to recreate: The perfect summer beach dress that you can also wear with the slip dress underneath. There are many crochet dress patterns out there, so it won’t be a problem to recreate!

Grey Sweater

Points of Interest: Oversize light long sweater.

How to recreate: It looks like your boyfriend sweater, so if you want to knit the same one for yourself, just find man’s sweater pattern. Make sure to use light yarns (fingering/lace) to recreate the drape!

Knitting Inspiration

Knitting Inspiration

Designer: Novis.

Points of Interest: Crochet stitches and color blocking.

How to recreate: The designer used basic crochet stitches (single and double crochet, slip stitches and yarn overs) and simple shapes – squares and rectangles.

All photos are courtesy of

This is it for NYFW inspiration! I hope you enjoyed this little overview and are inspired to pick up your yarn and experiment!

Have a great Sunday!


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Friday Knitting Inspiration. Zynni Cashmere.

Zynni Cashmere is a young knitwear brand created by Qing Hua in 2013. A graduate of the London College of Fashion, Qing worked for several years in a cashmere garment factory in China where she studied all aspects of the cashmere garment creating process.

Before devoting her life to knitwear fashion, Qing had 6 years of training in classical Chinese dance. This experience definitely found reflection in her knitwear brand.

Zynni Cashmere works only with 100% fine cashmere of the best quality, most of it is undyed. Zynni Cashmere website has a very good article on how to take care of this luxurious fiber to make sure it will serve you a long time – Cashmere Care.

The signature style of the brand is classic clean lines, neutral colors and a superb quality. Truly timeless knitwear.

For more inspiration visit the brand’s official website –

Have a great creative weekend!



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Friday Knitting Inspiration. Johan Ku.

Happy Friday!

It’s been awhile since my last Knitting Inspiration post, life’s been busy. Today I would love to introduce you one of my favorite and inspiring knitwear designers – Johan Ku. Johan was born in Taiwan, in a family who was very far from the world of art or fashion. At the age of 17 Johan started working as a freelance graphic designer and later became fascinated with the fashion and textile design. During his studies, Johan released his “Emotional Sculpture” knitwear collection – a mix between wearable shapes and art pieces; after that the world’s fashion industry labeled him “The Glory of Taiwan”, acknowledging his innovative approach to knit textiles.

Johan’s signature style is sculpture-like silhouette garments, unique textiles and chunky yarn. Designer is mostly inspired by “interesting textiles and yarn” – this is always a starting point for his collections. His label is a mix of wearable pieces and knitwear art installations. I find the latter especially fascinating – yarn takes an incredible shape in the hands of Johan.

One of Johan’s life goals is to have 100% creative freedom. He believes that the fashion can be “a sort of art, if designers create from their soul”.

To see more of Johan Ku’s knitwear pieces visit designer’s official website

Have a great weekend!


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Friday Knitting Inspiration. Sunghee Bang.

Sunghee Bang is a young Korea-born New York-based designer. Bang is a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology where she won the first place in art and knitwear design. After graduation Bang worked with such brands as Donna Karan, J. Mendel, Jill Stuart, Peter Som in New York and Alexander McQueen in London. In 2009 Bang launched her own knitwear label – Sunghee Bang.

Bang says that she was really inspired by the work created at Alexander McQueen, but found it often “not really wearable”, so in her own label she tries “to do the same creativity, but make it wearable.”

Bang is know for her work with textures, especially cables, and shapes. The designer loves to combine modern silhouettes with intricate stitch details. Almost all pieces in her collection are made in neutral muted colors to balance the elaborate design.

In my personal opinion, Sunghee Bang succeeded in reaching the balance between the creativity and “wearability” in her designs. I am completely smitten by this white cable dress. What a great craftsmanship!

To see more of Sunghee Bang’s knitwear, visit the brand’s official website –

Have a great weekend!


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Friday Knitting Inspiration. Honor Fitzsimons.

Honor Fitzsimons, a young Irish knitwear designer and a graduate of Central Saint Martins, has been working with such brands as Louise Goldin (London), Diane Von Furstenburg (New York), Lucy & Bart (Amsterdam), Qasimi Homme London, and Peachoo + Krejberg (Paris) before starting her own knitwear brand in 2012.

Honor learned to knit from her grandmother who was constantly working on traditional aran sweaters. The designer is definitely influenced by the traditional knitwear, but likes to use innovative techniques, “inventive construction and conceptual use of color”.

All brand’s collection are produced in Ireland and all the yarns are sourced in European Union. Honor is working hard juggling the roles of a head designer, dealing with finances, PR, online marketing and employees.

To see more of Honor Fitzsimons’ knitwear, visit her official website

Have a great fiber-full weekend!


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Friday Knitting Inspiration. Motohiro Tanji.

Today’s knitting inspiration is Japanese textile designer Motohiro Tanji. Before starting his own knitwear label, the designer studied at Bunka Fashion College in Japan and got his MA at Nottingham Trent University. Motohiro was also interested in 3D commuter graphics and programming which later found reflection in his knitwear pieces.

His conceptual knitwear collections with rich textures and 3D shapes are strongly influenced by digital art. All the knitwear pieces are handmade and feature the combination of conventional fibers and silhouettes with unique materials and techniques.

The Fall 2015 collection was inspired by ancient architectural ruins of Greece and Rome with an avant-garde spin.

This is a very innovative and fresh look at knitwear design and I cannot help but admire all the possibilities the knit fabric has to offer!

You can find Motohiro Tanji and his unique pieces on his official website

Have a great weekend!


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