Knitwear Inspiration. Gillian Louise Murphy.

Knitwear Inspiration. The Gift Of Knitting.

My April’s knitwear inspiration is Gillian, a young knitwear designer, whose work with color and textile shapes is captivating. The designer works for one of the high-end British brands and doesn’t have her own label yet, but judging by her work, I am sure someday we will see collections of her own.

Knitwear Inspiration. The Gift Of Knitting.

Gillian’s work looks like a puzzle of geometrical shapes with color playing a big role in creating the final pattern. Those little details – stitch patterns, stripes, layering, fiber contrast – at the end produces the perfect result, where everything is in harmony.

Knitwear Inspiration. The Gift Of Knitting.

I love how the designer takes machine knitting on a completely new level and creates one of a kind textiles. One more reminder that there are no rules or limits in knitting, and that is truly inspiring.

Knitwear Inspiration. The Gift Of Knitting.

Hope you are having a wonderful week!

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Non-Knitting Related Knitting Inspiration

Knitting Inspiring

Happy Wednesday! Today I would like to share with you slightly different from what I usually do. Apart from a day job and my family, my mind revolves around knitting almost 24 hours a day (honestly, I even dream of it!). I love scrolling through knitwear photography, reading about new designers, creating inspiring mood boards, etc. But at some point I realized how important it is to zone out a little bit and look around you and see the world through different angles and filters. And it’s amazing how much more inspired I am right now to knit and come up with ideas! So, I would like to share with you today my favorite profiles that have absolutely nothing to do with knitting, but that give me ideas, put me in a certain mood and just inspire to knit!

Here are my favorite knitting inspiring non-knitting related profiles:


Dancing magnetic sun fields, distant galaxies shots and views of our little blue planet make me wonder and gasp in awe. And in contrast with all this grand mind-blowing drama going on up there, my knitting feels so familiar and cozy…


Viktoria created such a cozy home in a small apartment in NY – full of light, plants and cute little interior details. Every time I visit her profile, I want to throw on a cotton sweater, grab needles, turn on music, find a cozy corner in my room and knit away!


This young and very talented self-taught photographer and film maker is just one more prove that today you can learn whatever you want and be good at it. The way he “sees” people, nature and cities is so enticing. I don’t know why and how, but after watching his mini-movies, I always feel inspired to pick up my yarn, try, experiment and enjoy every single stitch.


It is so interesting that I keep coming back to this profile when I need a sparkle of inspiration for my knits – I am not that much into cooking and elaborate desserts, but every time I want to create a new visual yarn story, I come here for inspiration. Maybe it’s the styling, or neutral shades or just because these photos show how much Linda loves what she does keep bringing me back here.


The community of travel photographers inspired by Russian nature. I lived all my life in a city I’ve never seen that side of my home country before. The photos make me look around, find beauty in small things and be grateful for the nature I am blessed to be around with right now. And nature and knitting go hand in hand for me.


Sarah Curtin collects wall images in her profile and it is absolutely fascinating – shapes, textures and colors are so inspiring. I often use it as a mood board when I want to come up with something interesting in my knitting projects.

I am always happy to hear where you draw your inspiration for your craft!


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Friday Inspiration. Perfect Summer Crochet Dress.

Being slightly obsessed with crochet dresses filled with complicated stitch combinations and fibers, I tend to spend more time looking at them than actually making them. I have my “fancy” white crochet dress that came off my hook a couple of years ago, but I don’t wear it a lot. I am still dreaming about making a simple easy-to-wear white summer dress…

These two crochet dresses from Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein are so inspiring! And I have a perfect cotton yarn in my stash! Having two WIPs going on, I try to resist starting one more project. Well, it will be crochet, so it doesn’t really count as a knitting WIP… Looking at these beauties makes it really hard not to experiment with my hook.

Ralph Lauren

Crochet DressAmazing stitch combination! I love the neckline and pineapple motifs on the sleeves. Such a harmonious design!Crochet DressCalvin Klein. Simple. Basic. Gorgeous.

Crochet Dress


Have a nice crafty weekend!

P.S. There is a possibility of a hurricane this weekend. According to satellites, it is not very strong, nothing like Odile. But still we might lose the electricity and internet for some time. Stocked on food, water and candles for the weekend. Just in case. I feel like lots of knitting/crochet will be going on. Hope to come back on Sunday!




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Friday Inspiration. Oscar De La Renta. Yellow Crochet Dresses.

It’s been awhile since I’ve made an inspiration crochet post. It’s been all about knitting these last months – all my WIPs are sitting on the needles. Crochet was my first love, so I am looking forward to come back to it as soon as possible. I’m wearing my Wildflower dress almost everyday – the weather is so beautiful and it feels so special to wear my very own design, I almost feel like a real designer 🙂 There are so many ideas that I want to create that I feel a little bit overwhelmed. I am sure this inspiration is coming from your support and encouragement, my dear readers!

This week I am inspired by two very summer crochet dresses by Oscar De La Renta. Classy, feminine and sunny – perfect for summer!

Crochet Dress

In this piece Irish crochet motifs and beautiful combination of different basic stitches create a stunning masterpiece!  Just looking at this fabric makes me pick up my crochet hook!

Crochet DressAmazing how all the best technology in the world isn’t able to recreate this hand work!

One more dress from Oscar De La Renta summer collection 2012.

Crochet Dress

If to pick one, I would choose this dress – completely in love with this beautiful stitch pattern!

Crochet DressI hope you are inspired to come back to crochet if you have abandoned it or to learn it if you have never done it before. It’s so worth all the effort!

Have a great crafty weekend!

P.S. Next Friday our new World Crafter is taking us to New York! I am really looking forward to this interview!



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