Crochet Cardigan #tbt

Usually when I set my mind to create something of my own, I don’t write down my ideas and almost never do numbers. Maybe I should start. I create along the process just with the vague idea what I want to get in the end. This cardigan that I made 1 year ago falls into this category.

Crochet Cardigan

I bought the yarn, 100% mercerized cotton, and started trying random stitch patterns. My mind drew a picture of a vintage lace cardigan that can be thrown on with jeans, dresses and long skirts.

Crochet Cardigan

The result – a classic V-neck cardigan with ¾ sleeves. The waist shaping was achieved by changing the hook sizes. The neckline was trimmed with the basic single crochet stitch.

Crochet Cardigan

Though I was initially making the cardigan for myself, right now it’s approximately 2 500 km from me. Our friend’s parents came to the town last Christmas and we invited them to have a dinner with us. When my friend’s Mom saw the cardigan in my room, she just couldn’t believe that it’s possible to make something “so precious” (these are her words – I am not bragging!) with hands.  Next minute I was wrapping the cardigan for her. According to my friend his Mom doesn’t take it off and treats it like a real treasure. Well, there is nothing more fulfilling for the knitter to know that her creation is in good hands.

Crochet cardigan


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The Book of Crochet Patterns

This is my first crafty book! And still the most favorite. It’s 14 years old. It was given to me by my Granny when I was 11.


1000 Crochet Stitch Patterns

  The devotion from my dear Grandma: To Alina, for the good deeds.


And this book WAS and IS used for the good deeds indeed.

I love the illustrations – they are so cute, funny and arty!

These are my favorite ones.

A stylish hat with a sheep – why not?


The knitter’s dream – a yarn treecrochet

Take a rest on a skein of yarn, hugging a couple of sheepcrochet

That would be great, no muss, no fuss – who needs spinning if you can crochet right from the sheep!


This is exactly what we did with my Granny my whole childhood


The world is the ball of yarn with the sheep on the top of it. Well, I have nothing against it!


Crochet was the first craft I learned when I was 9 years old. My Grandma was knitting and crocheting all the time, but somehow the movements of “two sticks” didn’t appeal to me. One crochet hook seemed easier and more “doable”.

I remember crocheting all these rugs out of the plastic bags. Yep, out of the plastic bags. We didn’t have the opportunity to buy the good yarn then, so we would spend hours with my Grandma unraveling the old sweaters and cutting the plastic bags into stripes to make the “yarn” out of it. Actually these rugs turned out to be very useful for the wet weather! And they were so colorful and fun to make! Now I think it is a genius idea for recycling.

Thank you, my dear Grandma, for this book, for these memories and all the gifts you have given me!

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How much yarn to buy. Who the heck knows?

Knitting, crochet, yarn

I always wonder how some knitters manage to buy just the right amount of yarn for their projects. They are usually left with a neat little ball that stays as the reminiscent of their hard work. As for me I usually find myself with the leftovers that are enough for one more sweater and a half. And it’s not because I don’t read the recommendations in the patterns, but it seems that I just don’t trust them. If the pattern asks for 6 balls, by the time I get to actual purchase I get 8, no, 10. Wait! Put one more in, just in case.

As a result of this habit, my room can compete with a little yarn store.

Knitting, crochet, yarn

For the Back to basics pullover, I got ten balls of yarn. So what do you think? I used 4 and a half of them. Yes, my leftover is bigger than the yarn used. I am incorrigible.

Despite all of this, my philosophy stays unshakable

 There is never too much yarn

 Knitting, crochet, yarnI hope I am not the only one out there!

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First crochet dress #tbt

I learned to crochet when I was 9. At that time I made a countless amount of rugs, table covers, doll blankets and so on. Then I stopped. I didn’t pick up a crochet hook for 6-7 years. But after I graduated from the university, the urge to make something useful with my hands came back to me. A lot of changes happened at that time. One of them was our move to Mexico 2 years ago.

New country, new language, new life. The first thing I set myself to was crochet. I had the clear idea in my head – I want the white crochet dress. Three weeks later I put it on.


No patterns, no books, no numbers. I just let my crochet hook flow on its own. The design was being created absolutely spontaneously. The decision to insert the lace pattern on the back and on the neckline came out of nowhere, the shaping seemed to take its own course, without my supervision.

white crochet dress


The result? It’s one of my most favorite dresses of all time. It fits me like my second skin.

My first crochet garment. It will always be dear to my heart. It’s raveled here.


white crochet dress


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Hello!! This is me! I love to knit and crochet!

Knitting and Crochet

As you know, my name is Alina, but a lot of people call me Alinenok, which literally means “little deer” in Russian. My cute alter ego was bought in one of the souvenir stores in Yaroslavl.

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