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Knitting blog Books

It was a happy mail day yesterday. After losing a lot of precious books in the hurricane, we are building back our library.

Knitting blog Books

Here they are:

1. Stephen Hawking “A Briefer History of Time”. 

After I started working in a Montessori school, I became obsessed with astronomy and physics. And that is said by a girl who has a degree in humanities and never ever in her life would imagine  voluntarily opening a book with numbers or (oh, horror!) formulas.  But here I am. After watching all possible documentaries on the latest studies of the universe, I decided I was ready for this wonderful book. I even signed up for Khan Academy to remember the basics of mathematics and physics.

2.  Shirley Paden “Knitwear Design Workshop. A Comprehensive Guide to Handknits” . 

I always modify patterns. I haven’t made a single item without modification. I almost always substitute the yarn and knit with a completely different stitch gauge. So, to avoid knitting disasters, I decided to  dig more deeply into the logic behind knitwear construction. Usually I modify intuitively and almost never do numbers, but it’s time to start. If you do something, do it well, right?

3. Marshall B. Rosenberg “Nonviolent Communication. A Language of Life”. 

I think this book is essential for teachers, doctors, parents, human beings… Yep, for everybody.

Off to reading…


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ABC of Knitting

I would like to introduce you something special. The knitting book. Well, it might be not very special right now, but if we consider the time and place this book was written, it is truly unique.

Knitting and crochet book

The book was first published in 1978. 36 years later it is still one of the most popular knitting books in Russia. They say there are no knit courses in Russia that are not based on this book. ABC-book of Knitting doesn’t only contain the techniques, patterns and tips on knitting, but it contains history.

The book was first published in the Soviet Union. My Grandma told me that it was very hard at that time to buy even food, forget about the yarn. This book has the spirit of that time. There are pieces of advice how to work with the old yarn from the unraveled sweaters, how to dye yarn (not for the sake of the “hand dyed” label on it, but because there was not much of a choice of colors) and even how to change the size of your needles by sharpening them!

Knitting and crochet book

I know from the stories of my Grandma how happy and delighted she was if she had the opportunity to buy some yarn, no matter what fiber, color or weight. Just the yarn. Can you imagine living in a country without constant access to the yarn?!!! There was no choice of knitting magazines, no patterns to buy. Sometimes some newspapers would publish one-size instructions for the sweater. This book really makes me appreciate all the privileges we have now – the choice of yarn, knitting magazines, independent designers, online and live workshops, beautiful yarn stores.

No matter what, all these restrictions didn’t stop thousands and thousands of women to create absolutely unique pieces, true artifacts. ABC book was the first one who put all these years of practice into theory and helped a lot of people to learn to knit and crochet. Though some patterns are definitely too old-fashioned to knit,

Knitting and crochet book

I’ve never in my life thought of knitting a pair of tights, how about you?

… the collection of knitting techniques and little crafty secrets is priceless.


This book is so important to me, that it had to cross the ocean to be on my coffee table.

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The Book of Crochet Patterns

This is my first crafty book! And still the most favorite. It’s 14 years old. It was given to me by my Granny when I was 11.


1000 Crochet Stitch Patterns

  The devotion from my dear Grandma: To Alina, for the good deeds.


And this book WAS and IS used for the good deeds indeed.

I love the illustrations – they are so cute, funny and arty!

These are my favorite ones.

A stylish hat with a sheep – why not?


The knitter’s dream – a yarn treecrochet

Take a rest on a skein of yarn, hugging a couple of sheepcrochet

That would be great, no muss, no fuss – who needs spinning if you can crochet right from the sheep!


This is exactly what we did with my Granny my whole childhood


The world is the ball of yarn with the sheep on the top of it. Well, I have nothing against it!


Crochet was the first craft I learned when I was 9 years old. My Grandma was knitting and crocheting all the time, but somehow the movements of “two sticks” didn’t appeal to me. One crochet hook seemed easier and more “doable”.

I remember crocheting all these rugs out of the plastic bags. Yep, out of the plastic bags. We didn’t have the opportunity to buy the good yarn then, so we would spend hours with my Grandma unraveling the old sweaters and cutting the plastic bags into stripes to make the “yarn” out of it. Actually these rugs turned out to be very useful for the wet weather! And they were so colorful and fun to make! Now I think it is a genius idea for recycling.

Thank you, my dear Grandma, for this book, for these memories and all the gifts you have given me!

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Wood Houses Book

I love real things. Nature instead of TV; wood instead of plastic; cotton, silk and wool instead of acrylic; books instead of iPad. Real, natural things always inspire me to knit and crochet. There are moments and places which make me reach for my needles and a squashy ball of the cotton yarn.

This architecture book is one of my favorite. And one of the most inspirational for me.

Perfect Place for knitting and crochet

I like to get in the armchair with a cup of tea, get the Wood Houses, read, look at the pictures and think about the house in which I would love to live and knit some day. There definitely should be my knitting place. Wouldn’t you love to knit here?!!

Perfect Place for knitting and crochet

What I know for sure now – I want the tree house!!!

Perfect Place for knitting and crochet

Isn’t it great? It feels adventurous, but at the same time so cozy and warm!

Perfect Place for knitting and crochet

Perfect Place for knitting and crochet

Well, this would be my perfect knitting place!

What places, things and moments inspire you to pick up your needles or the crochet hook?

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My latest purchase

Books Knitting

Books Knitting

It was about time I bought these beautiful and useful books. The pictures are magnificent and inspiring, the information is full and very well illustrated. I know I will use both of them a lot. And they make such a pretty sight on the coffee table!

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