June. Adiós.

Adiós is the monthly series of crafty notes and captures of this beautiful world.

Happy Sunday and happy July! We are practically in the middle of summer already! Only this week it hit me that I have less than 3 weeks left before my trip to Russia! And I still have so much to take care of! It feels surreal that less than in a month I will be able to hug my parents, my grandparents, my dear girlfriends and my parents’ dog 🙂 Oh my!!! I am also beyond excited to come back to one of the most beautiful places in the world – Saint Petersburg. It is not my hometown, but I love it so much and feel much more at home there rather than in my hometown. Personally it is my capital of Russia, not Moscow. Actually it used to be the official capital of the country before Moscow became one. Saint Petersburg is a true book of Russian history, culture and architecture; its beauty takes my breath away; it is absolutely glorious in summer… I found some old photos from my last trip there 2 years ago, can’t wait to come back!

Knitting and Travel

June Crafty Notes

1 FO, 3 WIPs

My craft plans for July are to finish Gesture sweater and Moeke Cardigan. Actually I have to finish Moeke Cardigan, even if I don’t have time to sleep 🙂 It is scheduled to be published in September and test knitters will need at least 4-6 weeks to finish it, so I have to hurry up!! I also want to finish Gesture Sweater from We Are Knitters in July, because at the end of this knitting story We Are Knitters will offer a big yarn giveaway for YOU. I want you guys to have your yarn ready by August, so you can create your handmade coziness right in time for fall.

This is it for my monthly round-up! How was your June?


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May. Adiós.

Adiós is the monthly series of crafty notes and captures of this beautiful world.

This month’s Adiós I decided to do something different and instead of sharing sunlit photos, I am going to take you on a short night walk. You’ve already seen La Parroquia in the daylight, but I really wanted to show how it is transformed into a beautiful and mysterious castle at night.

Knitting and Travel

 May is the hottest month here, and the evenings are warm and velvet… I love how busy streets get empty and the town disappears in soft lights, quiet music and occasional roars of thunder in the nearby mountains…

Knitting and Travel

May Crafty Notes

1 FO, 4 WIPs, 1 fail 🙂

 Journey sweater. Honestly, it is my favorite sweater I have ever made. I enjoyed every single stitch of it! It was a challenge to design, but now the pattern is finally finished and being tested. I couldn’t be more grateful to my wonderful test knitters and Ioana for all the help!

Crochet dress experiment is still in the swatch stage. I am trying to find the perfect stitch pattern for it and can’t decide whether to make it holding one thread or two. I hope it will start taking shape in June.

Sand sweater. Love this textured experiment on my knitting machine! It is definitely much more time consuming than the stockinette garments, but this texture is worth it!

Arizona sweater. Having fun with an amazing Contiguous method!

Moeke cardigan. I am swatching for the second design for Moeke fall collection. The only thing that is clear for now is that it is going to be a cardigan. All the rest keeps changing in my head and hands.

Kram cardigan was with me for so many months. But I finally said goodbye to it and admitted that it isn’t going o work out. Oh well, always something to learn!

One more exciting thing – two my dear knitting friends just got their projects off the needles and they used my patterns, I cannot express how happy it makes me! Zeta’s Reindeer is so stunning – I love the color and yarn she chose. Zeta, thank you so much for all the support during these almost two years! I am so grateful I’ve found you here!

Dear Ioana just finished her La Flor  – I love the neutral shade and the oversize look she chose! This is exactly how I envisioned it to be knit someday! And her cozy photos are so dreamy to look at!

This was my crafty May. Thank you for being with me! June is promising new projects, new World Crafter and fun giveaways for you!

I hope you had an amazing month!

Joining friends at Yarn Along today.


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April. Adiós.

Happy Sunday!

Adiós is the monthly series of crafty notes and captures of this beautiful world.

Today I am continuing our “tradition” and will take you on a walk around the town. April was busy and so beautiful. All the trees in town were in full bloom and I wish I had more time to walk around this month. I am so grateful that I can share it with you, it really pushes me to put everything aside, go out, explore and take photos to share them with you later. Yesterday I took my camera, and went up the hill from the town center to see what is hidden inside narrow streets.

Knitting in San Miguel de Allende

I wasn’t disappointed! I became quiet enchanted by San Miguel’s doors – they always look like the entrance into some magical world… There is even a book of photography – “The Doors of San Miguel de Allende” by Robert de Gast – devoted entirely to these beauties.

Knitting in San Miguel de Allende

Knitting in San Miguel de Allende

The town always surprises you. You walk in a usual neighborhood, then hear the sound of water falling, discover a little bridge over a small waterfall and mysterious old stairs reaching to the sky…

Knitting in San Miguel de Allende

What a beautiful afternoon it was! Thank YOU so much for dragging me outside! 🙂

Knitting in San Miguel de Allende

Knitting in San Miguel de Allende

 April Crafty Notes

2 FOs, 3 WIPs and one tutorial.

I am in love with my two FOs this month! The cowl will make a perfect gift for my Granny and the sweater is so versatile and lovely to wear!

In May I also hope to give you the preview of the Moeke sweater pattern. I am so in love with this project and very pleased with how it turned out! Test knitting begins next week and you will be able to follow the process on Instagram!

I am also very happy that I came back to crochet properly and working on big projects. The dress will take a long time, but I know it will be worth it in the end. A dear knitting friend, Pat, who is a great seamstress, is helping me to figure out the slip dress for it. I love how we share our knowledge with each other! The cardigan turned out to be the perfect on the go project. Once you are done with the first couple of rows, the rest is a breeze – the stitch pattern is very basic and you can crochet with your eyes closed. I am hoping to get on the short road trip today and will definitely take it along with me!

I am very happy that many of you found the tutorial on the I-cord edge technique useful! I hope you will use it a lot!

Instagram Challenge

Julie from Knitted Bliss and Melissa from Miso Crafty Knits organized the second #craftyblisschallenge – a 10-day Instagram challenge where you are supposed to interpret the prompts and post a photo every day. I’ve never had a 10-day streak post on Instagram, only in the first #craftyblisschallenge and I am loving it so much! I’ve found some wonderful crafters and great photography!



That’s it for April! I wish you a wonderful and joyful May!


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March. Adiós.

Happy Sunday, dear friends!

Adiós is the monthly series of crafty notes and captures of this beautiful world.

March is over and spring break frenzy is gone – you can actually walk on the streets! I couldn’t believe how many people visited San Miguel these two weeks! It was literally impossible to get through the town – its narrow streets were packed with people from all over the world! Though I absolutely love living in the international community, it feels so much better now. My favorite little streets are empty and I can finally “take” you on the walk in downtown.

Knitting and Travel

The spring is here! It was my coldest winter in 3 years and I can definitely say – I am NOT a winter person! I guess I had enough of -40 C winters as a child, I am done! 🙂 I love sunshine, warmth on my face and I love knitting when I can feel my fingers 🙂 One of my favorite places is Jardin – a garden right in the center of the town. It surrounded by gorgeous architecture and it is the perfect place to spend a weekend morning – reading on the bench, watching people running, playing basketball, walking with dogs. I don’t knit there though, I tried it once and it attracted SO much attention. People were staring at me like I was some kind of an exotic animal.

Knitting and Travel

The town is in full bloom! I can’t express how grateful I am when I walk along my favorite neighborhoods, I can stare at the houses covered in flowers forever.

Knitting and Travel

Knitting and Travel

Can you believe this door? In my imagination it leads to a secret garden or to Alice’s Wonderland…

Knitting and Travel

February Crafty Notes

March – 1 FO, 4 WIPs and lots of new yarn!

Ocean Dress, Green Snowflakes Cowl, Kram Crochet Cardigan, Bamboo sweater, Moeke, yarn addition.

Ocean Dress was my only FO in this month, but it was really enough! I love this project so much!

My long playing WIPs – crochet cardigan and a fair isle cowl – are still in progress. I have a feeling I will be definitely done with both of them in April.

I am so excited to keep experimenting on my knitting machine. This is the first time I will work with 100% bamboo and I have a feeling it will be a long-lasting fiber relationships.

My trip to Mexico City wasn’t planned at all, but I am so happy it happened. Cotton/linen/silk blend is in my stash now and I can’t wait to get to it soon!

The most amazing thing that happened this month is our collaboration with Ioana, the founder of Moeke yarns. This is my most favorite WIP, it will take awhile before our plans take shape, but working on them is such a blessing…

Technique of the Month

In case you missed it, here is the tutorial I’ve put together this month – The Perfect Neckline Trim. This technique can be used for any project (knitting or crochet) and with any pattern!

How To Trim Neckline In Knitting

Instagram in March

Instagram is the only social platform that I was active on this month. I love this endless fountain of inspiration so much! I take so many photos of my projects that the blog is not enough anymore :), so all the extra goes to my Instagram feed. Here are my March favorites.


I hope you had a wonderful month. Off to April!!


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February. Adiós.

Adiós is the monthly series of crafty notes and captures of this beautiful world.

I know that February is the shortest month, but for me it felt more like a short week… It’s been such a busy month that I barely had time for walking and taking pictures. But as I promised each month I will give you at least a sneak peek of San Miguel. Spring is definitely here and we are heading into raining season with sunny days and cloudy overcast skies in the evenings. It feels nice… I really love this place – a little bridge in the downtown. It is right next to the magnificent church surrounded by garden with fruit trees and it has the best view of the sunset. It is nice to come here after a long day with my green juice (yes, it is my favorite drink in the world! I know I am boring 🙂 ) and stare at town and say goodbye to the sun…

Knitting Blog

February Crafty Notes

February brought 3 WIPs, 1 FO, and 2 pattern releases.

Ocean Dress, Kram Crochet Cardigan, Green Snowflakes Cowl, Gallery Sweater, Chunky Seed Stitch Cowl, La Flor Sweater 

Ocean is so close to FO – I started seaming it yesterday evening. It’s a very long dress, so the seaming seems endless., but I am sure I will finish it in March. I loved how lace part opened up after blocking. So excited about wearing it!

Crochet cardigan was finally started. It’s been awhile since my last big crochet project and it such a nice feeling to hold crochet hook again after a long time.

Green Snowflakes are resting on my night table – I love knitting a couple of rows before going to sleep. The pattern is very beautiful and relaxing to knit.

Machine Knitting Challenge 2016 (my goal – at least 12 projects in 2016) was opened with the first machine knitting FO this year – Gallery Sweater. I decided to do this challenge just for myself in December, but then I actually found a feed in Machine Knitting group on Ravelry – 12 projects in 2016! Of course, I had to join it and now I am inspired by other machine knitters every month! The sweater is now one of my favorite knitwear pieces in my wardrobe – I wear it almost every day. It is super light and soft, so I don’t see the reason why I should take it off 🙂

Little on-the-go project – Chunky Seed Stitch Cowl – turned into a great stash busting knit! And I wrote a free pattern for you to try it out. It is a great mindless knit, very easy and versatile – knit it with any yarn, any gauge and any size!

La Flor. Pattern that I have been writing for almost 5 months went live this Sunday. And again I am so grateful for all your support and sweet comments. Every time I push the “publish” button, I am so nervous, so each of your comments is so important and encouraging!

February World Crafter

Each interview is so special to me. Nikki Gabriel has been my inspiration for a very long time and I was thrilled when she agreed to tell more about her work on my blog. Nikki creates stunning handmade knitwear, writes books for handknitters, develops sustainable yarn and designs absolutely unique Construction Knitting Patterns that even beginners can master. What not to love? If you missed the interview, you can find it here – World Crafter. Nikki, Napier, New Zealand.

Technique of the Month

I spent a lot of time trying to find the perfect finishing for the Gallery sweater’s neckline and attached i-cord just saved me! I highly recommend this video for the technique – Applied I-Cord Border Basics. Very clear and helpful.

February Knitwear Looks

As you know I have a slight obsession with knitwear. I created a board on my Pinterest (I’ve been using it for a month already and I am getting addicted) with inspiring knitwear style and would love to share with you my absolute favorite this month.

Can you believe this dress?! Such an intricate craftsmanship!

This is all for my monthly roundup. How was your February?

Let’s have a great March!

Joining Yarn Along to see what others crafters are up to.


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January. Adiós.

Adiós is the monthly series of crafty notes and captures of this beautiful world.

Happy February! I hope you had a great start of the new month!

It feels good to be back after a very busy week. Time to sum up January’s crafty and life bits. It was a great month, busy, full of emotions and work. I did a lot of walking getting to know the town better, meeting new people and contemplating.

knitting in San Miguel de AllendeThough the town is full of tourists all year round, it’s still pretty easy to find cozy corners where the time seems to stop and you can be left alone with your book – narrow streets that look like magic alleys, little gardens where only the sound of birds and nature break the silence…

knitting in San Miguel de Allende

I often feel like I got several centuries back and can almost feel the history with my skin.

knitting in San Miguel de Allende

January Crafty Notes

I tried to stay on my craft goals for this year and I feel like I succeeded. This month was definitely a WIP month when my long standing project monogamy collapsed. I have 3 WIPs at the same time and 2 FOs!

Crochet Kram Cardi is still in its infant swatch stage, but I finally made the decision on colors.

Ocean is still on the needles. It is a challenging and exciting project for me. I would have finished it by now if not for my Gallery sweater that came along so unexpectedly.

Green Snowflakes are really slow, as I am trying hard to stay consistent with my tension. But I am in no rush – I want to learn as much as I can from my first fair isle.

All the projects are so different that I definitely don’t get bored and always have something to do during my free evenings and weekends.

The only documented FO of January was Reindeer From the Woods. I loved working on it and I love wearing it!!

If you remember, I promised myself this year to become more proficient on my knitting machine and have one FO a month. I though the Ocean would be my first one, but the Gallery sweater won the race. I still don’t have any photos to show you, but they are coming. I absolutely loved this project and it’s probably the softest sweater I have ever had!

Technique of the Month

For the last couple of years, I’ve been knitting cables without a cable needle. And let me tell you – as soon as you get used to it, it’s so much faster! I really recommend trying it if you want to speed up twisting these stitches. There are a lot of tutorials over there, but personally I prefer to start with the videos. Here is a great one – Knit Cables With No Cable Needle. Just keep in mind that maybe this specific method won’t be 100% for you, I, for example, do it in a slightly different way. But you have to start somewhere to get the idea and then you can experiment and find what is the most convenient method for you.

Knitwear Looks of the Month

I recently joined Pinterest, I may be the last one in the world 🙂 I am still figuring it out and finding use for all the features, but what I enjoy the most is the ability to create my own inspirational knitwear style board. Every morning I open it up to look through all the beautiful knitwear looks with my morning tea 🙂 So, I decided every month to share my favorite picks.

The first look is so perfectly “lady like”! I love the idea of mixing up cables and a light feminine ankle length skirt.

The white textured cable sweater+white jeans – perfect casual outfit for everyday.

My favorite Pin of the month – I would wear this dress every single day – love the length, interesting construction and color!

So, this is all for my monthly roundup. I hope January was good to you!


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