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Crochet Tunic

I can’t believe this project took me so long . I started it last spring, but was always interrupted with other WIPs. I finally finished it in November. Do you recognize the stitch? One of my favorite. I completely forgot the name of the Japanese magazine where I saw it for the first time. It always happens to me. I just have to start writing things down.

This project is basically a modification of the top that I made for myself some time ago.

Crochet Top


I made it with the same yarn that I used for the top and for my Textured Jacket. I love this 100% cotton of neutral shade. Can’t get enough of it.

Crochet Dress Yarn

After all modifications I got this.

Can I just say that I love it?!!!! It turned out exactly how I planned it to be. The shaping is pretty much non-existent. The waist is accentuated with the simple single crochet tie. I made it around 25 cm longer than a crochet top with side slits and modified the neckline, turning it into V-neck.

This crochet tunic is very versatile. It can be worn as a beach cover up, or worn with white pants and a neutral top underneath, or as a short dress with an underslip. It has this vintage look that I absolutely adore.

I know that I am being very bad at taking notes, while crocheting/knitting my projects. I promise I’ll be more organized and try to share with you more information on the process. So far, I hope you’ll find some inspiration here.

Happy Sunday!


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Friday Inspiration. Giovana Dias.

Crochet Dress


Brazilian designer Giovana Dias has been an inspiration to me for a long time. She started her career as a beachwear designer, but soon turned her passion for crochet into gorgeous collections of dresses.

Crochet Dress


Her latest collection is remarkable for the shaping and structure of dresses…

Crochet Dress


… and the color accents.

Crochet Dress


Crochet Dress


Giovana works with classic and feminine silhouettes, but plays around with different combinations of crochet stitches.

Crochet Dress

This dress from her Bride collection is my favorite. Just breathtaking…

Crochet Dress


Giovana Dias lives and works in Brazil, São Paulo. You can look up more of her work and get inspired on her website

Have a nice crafty weekend!

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Gifts from Dear Friends

 I’ve already received my first Christmas presents.

Knitting Blog Handmade Gifts

This cross stitch embroidered throw was given to me by a lovely lady, the one who received my Crochet Cardigan almost one year ago. Such vibrant colors! Though I usually tend to choose much more subtle shades, I absolutely love it! I guess Mexico and its love for color is growing on me…

The backside of the throw

Knitting Blog Handmade Gifts


The gift from my co-worker from school. Knitting Blog Handmade GiftsThis lovely two-side piece comes all the way from Oxaca.

Knitting Blog Handmade Gifts

It’s made of clay and it’s handpainted in bright colors.

Knitting Blog Handmade Gifts

Such a sweet little accent to wear with simple handmade sweaters…

I just love to see this splash of color in my house. Thank you, my dear friends!



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Knitting at Dawn

On the weekend I was listening to Woolful podcast’s interview with Jess from She was telling about her day and how much time she usually spends on her crafts. Jess raised a very important question for me – how do you balance your life and include everything that you love to do without missing your meals and bedtime?

For me it’s always an issue. Afternoons and weekends are full with doubts and questions. Do I want to knit, to crochet, do some machine knitting, read a knitting blog, start learning to sew, read a book, watch Craftsy videos, do a workout, walk with the dog, organize my yarn, etc, etc?..

I have my own kind-of-schedule that kind-of-works for me.

For example I never have too many WIPs going on. I usually have one knitting project, one crochet project and one machine knitting project going on at the same time. If I have more, I get overwhelmed and can’t get things done.

I always wake up at the same time, 5:30 in the morning, whether it’s Sunday or middle of the workweek. Consistency helps me to stay focused. Morning is my favorite time of the day when the world is asleep, still and silent and I can have my blissful extra 40 minutes of knitting/crochet before going to work.

If not for the knitting time, the dawn is so worth to welcome just for this sky…

Knitting blog knitting time Knitting blog knitting time

No matter how hectic my life gets, I try to stop for a moment to feel grateful…Knitting blog knitting time

 What is your crafty schedule?

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Wildflower Crochet Dress. Wearing.

Photography Elena Letitskaya

Good morning!
Crochet dressCouple of weeks ago I took my Wildflower Crochet Dress for a walk on the beach.

Crochet dress

As I am a completely hopeless seamstress, I asked one of the teachers at school to make a slip dress for me. It’s made of very light cotton of grey shade which doesn’t interfere with the color of the dress, but serves as a great background for lace stitch to stand out.

Crochet dressCrochet dress The hem


The neckline

Crochet dress

I decided to make the dress with the seam, not in the round, because there’s minimum shaping involved and the seam adds more structure to the dress.

Crochet dress

The sand… No wildflowers to be seen… But for me it also has its own magic. Crochet dress

I’ve finished reading “A Briefer History of Time” by Stephen Hawking and I am still under the great impression. No matter how much I read or watch about the universe, each time I can’t help but admire what an amazing and vast world we live in… They say that the number of grains of sand on all beaches of planet Earth is approximately the same as the number of stars in the observable universe. Isn’t it magical?

Crochet dress

Crochet dress

“We live in a strange and wonderful universe…” 

Crochet dressCrochet dress

Happy Sunday!

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Friday Inspiration. Knitting in Interior Design.

Someday I want to have a house that will be full of wooden furniture, textiles and baskets with yarn balls everywhere.

Perfect yarn baskets!

Jacqueline Fink from Little Dandelion is creating breathtaking interior pieces that bring the knitted stitch on a large scale.

 I always loved volume knitting which is so rich in texture. I really want to try it someday.

The process certainly doesn’t look as relaxing knitting time. You can look up videos of the process here. But the result is oh so worth it!

At the moment Jacqueline is working on a collection of her yarn and needles, so more knitters can try this macroknitting technique.

You can look up more of Jacqueline Fink’s work on her website.

Have a nice crafty weekend!

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