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Happy 31 to me and the Biggest Birthday Sell of the Year

Textured Cardigan Knitting Pattern

Dear friends, I am flying into 31 today! You know, I used to think that birthdays are not worth celebrating and just a quiet day would be fine with me. But the older I get, the more special it feels to me, time flies so fast, it is important to celebrate milestones, birthdays and simple little things. I am so grateful to be here, not all people have this privilege, so I AM celebrating! I am making this day special purposefully – having a delicious breakfast, going to the gym (I know it sounds weird, but actually this is my relax space haha), grabbing fresh juice, booking a spa, because my body and mind deserve that, meeting with dear people, calling my parents and grandparents to tell them that I am OK and all is well. I would like to thank you again for being a part of this little journal of mine that will always have a special place in my heart. Thank you for everything, life, you treat me well and I do not take it for granted!

I will continue our small tradition and run the BIGGEST SALE of the year in my Ravelry storeMy knitting will always be a huge part of my life and I feel so honored having the opportunity to share it with you.

To welcome my 31 I am offering:

2 for 8 promotion – 2 any patterns of your choice for $8!!! Just add any two patterns to your cart and use the promotion code 2FOR8.

3 for 9 promotion – 3 any patterns of your choice for $9!!! Just add any three patterns to your cart and use the promotion code 3FOR9.

10 for 20 promotion – 10 any patterns of your choice for $20!!! Just add any ten patterns to your cart and use the promotion code 10FOR20.

It is up to you which promotion you would like to choose (or use combination of them!)

The promotion is valid until Jan 19th, 4 pm, mountain time.

Thank you SO much for your support, it means a lot to me!

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Soft Alpaca Morning

knitting sweater pattern

I am starting this blogging year with these morning shots – I met the cloudy chilly morning with a few rounds on the sweater that has been on my needles for a long time. I think this is the 4th time I am restarting it, making changes that change the look and the feel of the sweater until I am happy with it. I know I could overlook the tiny details that bug me and go ahead and finish it, but we all put so much time and effort in our handmade pieces that small details should matter and if I want you to knit this sweater at some point, first of all I should be happy with that. I am listening to soft music, drinking herbal tea gifted to me by a dear friend and getting ready to start the day. I am wearing my beloved Mohair Flor, so light and warm, exactly what I need on cloudy and windy mornings.

knitting sweater pattern

knitting sweater pattern

knitting sweater pattern

knitting sweater pattern

knitting sweater pattern

I hope you will have a wonderful start of the week!



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Moments 52/19

knitting blog

The moments of beauty I am lucky to witness and share here…

The last week of the year and the decade. All I can say is “thank you” that I am still here, that I keep growing more and more into me, thank you for the inspiration and ideas, thank you for people and everyday business and craziness of my life. Today I am sharing with you some golden hour moments I was blessed to catch on one afternoon. I hope this year has brought you many moments that you are thankful for.

Thank you for being here! I’ll see you soon with more knitting and projects!

knitting blog

knitting blog

Have a wonderful weekend!


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Broken. Textured Sweater Pattern.

Textured sweater knitting pattern

When I was in my early twenties, I thought that “perfect” exists. That there are people, places and lives that are just right and any deviation from this ideal is a failure. Of course life always shutters and tears down this kind of ideas at some point. You make mistakes that change the course of your life, but one day you wake up and realize that those mistakes were exactly what you needed to become who you are today and also to never repeat them again. It is just life that happens. YOUR life, in all its perfect imperfection.

When I was swatching for this sweater and the idea of creating a “broken” effect came to me, I felt so connected to it and I knew it would become one of my favorite projects if I can translate the meaning that it has for me through these stitches. It is my way to say to myself and maybe to one of you there – It is OK to be broken, it is OK to be imperfect, there is a beauty in it.

Textured sweater knitting pattern

Broken‘s texture is created by knitting the classic stockinette stitch next to reverse stockinette divided by a travelling elongated slip stitch. The slip stitch is “moving” in a seemingly random uneven line to create the effect of a broken piece. As I mentioned in my preview post, I designed the direction of the line on the needles, trying to catch this unstructured hectic look, and only when I was happy with it, I created the chart. You are welcome to use this chart of course for your project, but you can get adventurous and create your own broken line. The pattern will give you the structure and the limits, but inside these limits, you are free to “make your mistakes” aka draw your line.

The rest of the sweater is very basic – top down construction with elongated raglan line for a more casual look, basic body shaping and simple 2×2 ribbing to finish the sleeves and the hem. The sleeve knitting is very fun as it is rare when you are using different stitches for sleeves, it makes the process more diverse.

As for yarn, I suggest you getting out of your stash a skein that you have been craving to use for a long time. I feel like simple stitch patterns ask for your yarn favorites, when the yarn plays a main role in the pattern. I used Daughter yarn in Chocolate by YOTH yarns. So cozy and deliciously thick, I love how it is spun. The tiny speckles in a thread made the whole process even more fun. Make sure that the yarn you are choosing can create a nice stitch definition so you do not lose the broken effect.

I hope this holiday season you will be surrounded by people that you love and that love you for who you are, with all your perfectly made mistakes and broken pieces of your heart.

Textured sweater knitting pattern

Textured sweater knitting pattern

Textured sweater knitting pattern

Textured sweater knitting pattern

Textured sweater knitting pattern

Textured sweater knitting pattern

Textured sweater knitting pattern


General Pattern Information


Broken is a top-down seamless sweater knit using the compound raglan construction.

The piece is knit in simple stockinette/reverse stockinette stitch. The center travelling slip stitch breaks the pullover in two parts, creating the textured contrast between St st and Reverse St st fabric. The travelling st is moving in a seemingly random uneven line to create the effect of a broken piece.

The yoke is shaped as a compound raglan, which creates a natural line that runs from the neck to the base of the armhole. Yoke instructions are written step-by-step for each size individually.

Stitches for the sleeves are placed on hold at the end of the yoke, then the main body is continued to the hem.

Then sleeve stitched are picked up and worked top down in the round.



The texture is created with the contrast between stockinette and reverse stockinette st and the elongated slip st.


Sleeves are worked in the round top down, finishing with the 2×2 rib cuff.


The neckline is trimmed with a simple i-cord.


The sweater is graded for 9 sizes with approximately 7″ of ease. The sample is shown in size 2 with 7″ of ease.

B O D Y  S I Z E S:

Size 1 30″ [76 cm]

Size 2  34″ [86.5 cm]

Size 3  38″ [96.5 cm]

Size 4  42” [106.5 cm]

Size 5 46″ [117 cm]

Size 6 50″ [127 cm]

Size 7 54″  [137 cm]

Size 8 58″ [147.5 cm]

Size 9 62″ [157.5 cm]

F I N I S H E D   M E A S U R E M E N T S:

Chest/Bust at Underarm: 37 (40 ¾, 45 ¼, 49, 52 ½) (57 ¼, 61, 65, 69)” [94 (103.5, 115, 124.5, 133.5) (145.5, 155, 165, 175) cm]

Upper arm circumference: 10 (11 ½, 12, 12 ¾, 14 ¼) (15 ½, 17, 17 ¾, 19 ¼)” [25.5 (29, 30.5, 32.5, 36) (39.5, 43, 45, 49) cm]


17.5 sts & 26 rows = 4″ [10 cm] in Stockinette stitch after blocking.


5 (6, 6, 7, 7) (7, 8, 8, 8) skeins of Daughter by YOTH Yarns, 100% Domestic Rambouillet and Merino wool. Worsted weight (165 yds/75g). Shown in color Chocolate.

List of techniques used:

I-cord edge – written instructions and link to the photo tutorial are provided.

Picking up sts – link to photo tutorial is provided

Elongated slip st – chart, written instructions and link to the video tutorial is provided

The pattern has been edited by a professional technical editor and test knitted.

I am running 15% discount to celebrate Broken’s release. The discount is applied automatically once you add the pattern to the cart.

Thank you for your support! Have a wonderful start of the week!


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Broken Sweater. Details

textured sweater knitting pattern

Happy Friday! Today I can finally reveal you the project I have been working on for several months now. Since the very first knit sweater I was fascinated by the combination of knit and purl stitches and how this slightly different manipulation of the thread in your hands can create such a beautiful contrast. The idea for this design came when I was casually swatching with Daughter yarn in chocolate shade by YOTH yarns. I knew that this yarn will bloom best in a simple pattern, but I still wanted to add this touch of texture that I love so much in knitwear.

textured sweater knitting pattern

That is how the idea to “break” the sweater in two parts came – stockinette and reverse stockinette fabric. But I also didn’t want to divide the sweater with a straight plain line, it just didn’t “click” for me. And then I thought – why not to make the division random and hectic that will create a visual effect of a broken piece.

textured sweater knitting pattern

From there the knit was a breeze, well, almost – I ripped out the whole yoke when I realized that I don’t quiet like the way the line runs along the sweater. I designed the travelling line on the needles, trying different combinations of stitch shifting. And only when I was happy with the visual effect, I put it in the chart.

textured sweater knitting pattern

The rest of the sweater is pretty classic – relaxed body with the minimal shaping, simple 2×2 ribbing for cuffs and the hem, i-cord trim for the neckline.

textured sweater knitting pattern

I am really excited about this pattern and I can’t wait to show you the projects of my wonderful test knitters. The publication is on Monday – I hope I will see it on your needles this holiday season!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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Moments 50/19

knitting blog

Happy December! I hope you are enjoying this cozy pre-holiday season with your friends and family. During these weeks of absence here, I did some knitting, thinking, planning and trying to see the beauty in details around me. It was not that easy for some reason, though I am always eternally grateful for all the wonderful things that surround me. I guess it is just me.

I am happy to find back this urge to share my Moments with you and keep creating this journal of memories. My new pattern that I love so much is coming out later this month. I am absolutely in love with the test knitters’ projects and photos, so excited to share it with you – I hope you will pick it up for your holiday knitting!

I will share the preview of the sweater this upcoming week, meanwhile let me show you the cutest coffee place I’ve found downtown – I just love when small businesses pay such attention to details. It shows how much they love what they are doing and I will always support that.

knitting blog

knitting blog

knitting blog

knitting blog

Have a wonderful weekend!


Knitting Blog

Moments 44/19

Knitting blog

Moments 41/19

knitting blog and knitting patterns

Moments. 38/19

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