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Pattern Cocktail – Wheat and Heritage Sweater.

Ever since I wrote this post – Alpaca Wheat Sweater. Pattern Cocktail – I got so many questions and emails asking if I am planning to share these notes with you, so you can repeat the same experiment. It took me awhile, but I am happy to say that I finally put together the new PDF file where you can find how to combine my two patterns – Wheat and Heritage. Plus, I added more sizes and redesigned the pattern layout. This sweater has been with me for almost two years already and I am happy with how it is holding up, baby alpaca tends to shed quiet a bit, but in this case it is not bad at all and slight shedding makes the sweater even cozier.

If you already have Wheat pattern, you’ve received a new pattern file for free. At the moment I am running 20% discount in my Ravelry store – you will receive two pattern files with your purchase, the original one and the pattern cocktail. Just put the code WHEAT when checking out.

I hope you will enjoy knitting it!


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Moments 15/20. Quarantine.

I must admit that despite all the loses COVID-19 brought and keeps bringing to our lives, it is opening a whole new world for me that was hidden before behind never ending race of work, plans and to-do lists. Lonely Baja is revealing the most precious and breathtaking spots, just 30-40 min drive from town. Most of the public beaches are closed in town right now, but the wild nature is still here. I do feel like I´m on a different, still undiscovered and inhabited planet – empty roads, closed down beach houses, farm animals wandering around and the sound of waves crushing. I also feel good about giving a nature some break from all the human activity – I´ve never seen so many whales so close to the shore than in this last month. I am so grateful for these moments bringing me peace and joy in these weird times.

I hope you are safe!

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This week keeping the recommended distance, my friend and I ventured on a short road trip out of town. My friend, Margaux, is an owner of a beautiful concept store As every small business out there, it is going through some rough times and she is thinking of various ways how to keep the head above the water and pay her employees. Website revamp and online store redesign was something she’s been thinking for awhile now and there is no better time to get creative than right now when we have so much time on our hands. We brought a box of her products and got to work – styled and shot dozens and dozens of photos. It felt so great to be out in the wild nature and feeling productive again. During these weird and uncertain times, nature and creativity are what bringing me most peace. On the way back we saw a gorgeous scenery of textured rocks that looked like a perfect background for my Fog cardigan. I absolutely love these photos that will always remind me of this cloudy rainy day out in the wild, my dear friend and my knitting of course, that always helps me to stay sane no matter what’s happening.

I hope you are finding beauty in your days as well! Have a wonderful weekend and stay safe!

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Moments 14/20. Quarantine.

I was saving the first Moments post of the 2020 for something special, something that I will want to remember. Now I believe we will all remember these weird times and moments – weeks spent in the state of uncertainty, fear and hope that it will all be over soon and we´ll be OK. My days abruptly changed from packed with events, meetings, deadlines and never ending email threads to quiet and low-key moments at home and nature. I still work, I would say even more right now than before quarantine, handling tasks for which I never had time and space before, but now my pace is different. I think like everyone else out there I have my moments of fear when the future looks uncertain and bleak, but I keep repeating to myself – That will pass too. I have been through storms in my life that seemed like a deadlock and I always came out of them and when looking back, I was grateful for them for teaching me something about myself that I would have never discovered if not for these bumps in the world. I hope you also find comfort in these quarantine days that will definitely become a history lesson of the humankind.

Living in a place that thrives on the tourism industry, we are definitely hit hard, but there is one advantage to all this – gorgeous natural spots that are now completely empty and ready to be explored. I went to my “secret” beach that very few people know how to access and enjoyed a long walk with zero people in sight. It was breathtaking. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did and it will bring some sunshine into your life. Stay safe and healthy.

I hope you will have a wonderful week!

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Happy 31 to me and the Biggest Birthday Sell of the Year

Textured Cardigan Knitting Pattern

Dear friends, I am flying into 31 today! You know, I used to think that birthdays are not worth celebrating and just a quiet day would be fine with me. But the older I get, the more special it feels to me, time flies so fast, it is important to celebrate milestones, birthdays and simple little things. I am so grateful to be here, not all people have this privilege, so I AM celebrating! I am making this day special purposefully – having a delicious breakfast, going to the gym (I know it sounds weird, but actually this is my relax space haha), grabbing fresh juice, booking a spa, because my body and mind deserve that, meeting with dear people, calling my parents and grandparents to tell them that I am OK and all is well. I would like to thank you again for being a part of this little journal of mine that will always have a special place in my heart. Thank you for everything, life, you treat me well and I do not take it for granted!

I will continue our small tradition and run the BIGGEST SALE of the year in my Ravelry storeMy knitting will always be a huge part of my life and I feel so honored having the opportunity to share it with you.

To welcome my 31 I am offering:

2 for 8 promotion – 2 any patterns of your choice for $8!!! Just add any two patterns to your cart and use the promotion code 2FOR8.

3 for 9 promotion – 3 any patterns of your choice for $9!!! Just add any three patterns to your cart and use the promotion code 3FOR9.

10 for 20 promotion – 10 any patterns of your choice for $20!!! Just add any ten patterns to your cart and use the promotion code 10FOR20.

It is up to you which promotion you would like to choose (or use combination of them!)

The promotion is valid until Jan 19th, 4 pm, mountain time.

Thank you SO much for your support, it means a lot to me!

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Soft Alpaca Morning

knitting sweater pattern

I am starting this blogging year with these morning shots – I met the cloudy chilly morning with a few rounds on the sweater that has been on my needles for a long time. I think this is the 4th time I am restarting it, making changes that change the look and the feel of the sweater until I am happy with it. I know I could overlook the tiny details that bug me and go ahead and finish it, but we all put so much time and effort in our handmade pieces that small details should matter and if I want you to knit this sweater at some point, first of all I should be happy with that. I am listening to soft music, drinking herbal tea gifted to me by a dear friend and getting ready to start the day. I am wearing my beloved Mohair Flor, so light and warm, exactly what I need on cloudy and windy mornings.

knitting sweater pattern

knitting sweater pattern

knitting sweater pattern

knitting sweater pattern

knitting sweater pattern

I hope you will have a wonderful start of the week!



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