Here we are – in May! April was exciting, inspiring and challenging. Some important life decisions were made. Things will change… And I believe it’s for the better!

In this month’s Adiós I would love to share with you one more piece of Mexico that I fell in love with. 3-4 hour drive away from us there is a small town where I found a very inspiring knitter that will be featured in World Crafters next month. I loved her peaceful, quiet and simple way of life, full of fiber and nature. We took a car and got on a beautiful day trip to find magnificent and so different landscapes.

Breathtaking seacoast…

Knitting blog monthlymountains…

Knitting blog monthlyarroyos

Knitting blog monthly… rocky paths.

Knitting blog monthlyMi querida México, how many surprises do you have for me? After almost 3 years it still takes my breath away!

April’s Crafty Notes

1 FO, 3 WIPs


  • St. Brigid. This month I finished my first Modification Series experiment and got a cable cardigan to put on next winter.

Hand-knit Cable Cardigan


  • I plan to devote my long weekend entirely to a dress for my friend’s friend. I called it Pure as the colors I use are so simple and clean.
  • My lace crochet project is still in the process. It’s been 4 months already! I am not giving up on it!
  • Deep End is in the fourth color stage. Getting there!

April’s World Crafters

I was happy and honored to feature such talented and inspiring crafters this month!

Tatyana took us to a Siberian town and amazed us with her magical handknit and crochet masterpieces.

Apollinariya took us to a beautiful Slovenian town, shared her craft and behind the scenes creative process of her magnificent handmade jewelry.

I hope you had a lovely April! Wish you creative and inspiring May!