Add One Stitch Knitting book by Alina Schneider

In my book I hope to share my passion for knitting with you and introduce you to the stitches that you can use to create beautiful and simple handmade projects for your wardrobe and home.

Knitting is made of just two stitches – knit and purl. Mastering these two stitches will open up a realm of new combinations and textures to the knitting novice. Add One Stitch Knitting walks you through the basics and gives you all the building blocks needed to successfully complete more challenging projects as you progress on your knitting journey. With 15 knitting stitches clearly explained and demonstrated, you learn the essential techniques before moving on to create stylish project using that stitch. Stitch by stitch and project by project, build up your skills as you create beautiful and contemporary knitted garments and accessories.

I hope that this book will help you to fall in love with knitting and encourage you to explore the diverse range of stitch combinations, expand your knowledge and improve your skills with each new project.