Textured Sweater. Machine Knitting.

I am Alina and I am in love with knitwear! Thank you for visiting The Gift Of Knitting, a place where yarn turns into stitches and stitches turn into… well, basically anything that my imagination comes up with!

Expect to see here numerous yarns of all kinds of fibers (wool, alpaca, cotton, mohair, linen, silk, bamboo – I love them all!); well-established and upcoming knitwear designers from all over the world; my knitting, crochet and machine knitting experiments that sometimes turn into “official” patterns.

Learn something new with my step-by step photo tutorials and free patterns and please, feel free to ask any questions in the comments if you are having a knitting emergency! I’ll try my best to help!

The Gift Of Knitting is my happy place that I love with all my heart and I hope you will find here something woolly, something inspiring and something useful.

If you picked a yarn skein after a visit, I’ll consider it a day well lived ♥

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Happy crafting!

Love, Alina.