This photo that I took on one of the gloomy days is the perfect presentation of my year – dark and beautiful at the same time with the darkness bordering with light. 2018 was the year when my life has changed drastically, I really feel like I am learning to live all over again. This was a year of great losses that were hard to live through but that helped me to become stronger and discover myself better. I lost dear to me people, both physically and emotionally, I lost the sense of a place for me in this world. But no matter what I am deeply grateful to 2018 for how kind and generous it was to me, for all the beauty I was lucky to see, for all the amazing people by my side, for the ability to work, for my health and strength, for this place here and for knitting, of course, that helped me to stay grounded through many things.

I have designed, knit and published some very special to me pieces:

La Flor sweater is the additional pattern to the original design that took a completely different shape in airy mohair.

The Edge sweater became one of my favorite pieces with 3D volume cables and rich texture.

I mixed Wheat and Heritage sweaters in one project knit in beautiful alpaca yarn in perfect green shade.

Wings sweater is a simple with a twist (literally!) project – the twisted ribbing creates the wings effect on your shoulders!

The interpretation of The Edge in lighter yarn in neutral color – was my perfect travel companion!

Polar Bear – one of the favorites of all time! Combining chunky wool with the light mohair was such a delicious tactile experience!

Amber Sweater – my newest pattern that features dramatic travelling cables against a rich textured background.

Alina Cardigan for YOTH yarns was finally published this year and I couldn’t be happier with it!

I wanted to thank you for this year of support, for being here and for always being my biggest inspiration behind this project!

Sending lots of love to you and your families! Happy New Year! 2019 is going to be magical!