This is the last post of 2015 and I want to share with you the best moments that I had on the blog this year.



Hyberballad Cowl was my first test knit ever! I was so happy to be a part of creating a pattern. Dear Julie, thank you so much for the opportunity!

Riviera Skirt was my first collaboration with the yarn company. I was so honored to try Wool and the Gang knit kit. I tried pima cotton for the first time and it won my heart! Knitting a skirt was also an absolutely new and such a fun experience! And of course, our absolutely crazy photo shoot with my dear friend Elena, who makes the best photos ever!!!


The Violet Gift was a huge “thank you” to my dear friend and all this fun we had together!


St. Brigid cardigan opened my Modification Series – a challenging and such an inspiring project! It will always be very special to me!

Pure is one of my favorite projects of 2015! It was a gift for a dear friend and it was made in a record short time! It was the first time I made a garment for the recipient without any measurements given and it fit her perfectly!!!


Deep End. It became my second shawl that I’ve ever made! I enjoyed the simplicity and beautiful architecture of the design. Deep End was a gift for my dear Mom.

Soho Dress. My absolute favorite project of 2015. From the first glimpse of inspiration to the last stitch, this dress was such a joy to make! I loved sharing every single step of it here and was infinitely grateful to my dear Elena for capturing such beautiful photos!


Exploration Autumn. You won’t believe it, but it was my first time working with 100% wool! I was so drawn to cotton and linen that wool was never in my stash! It was one of the most colorful projects that I’ve ever done and it flew away to my Granny. Exploration Autumn was the last project I finished in Baja, right before the move.


Textured Chevron Crochet Blanket. My first crochet FO of 2015 and the first one in San Miguel de Allende. The blanket traveled with me through half of the country and will always remind me of all the beauty we saw on our way. It also became the first crochet pattern I published here.


Flax. My first top-down pullover. I don’t know why I was avoiding this construction for so long – it turned out very logical and simple! It was reknit two times from the scratch and it became the first sweater for my husband. He wears it every single day now!.

Crochet Gift. Simple vest for a very special guy. I’ve never made children’s clothes and was surprised how fast it actually was!


Fall Raglan. The first sweater for My Sister’s Knitter My Fall KAL. The first time working with variegated yarn and the first time modifying top-down raglan.


Mineral Heather sweater. The first machine knitting FO since May! I didn’t realize how much I missed it! At the end I got the most comfortable and warm sweater I’ve ever had and introduced you to the basics of machine knitting.

Reindeer Cable Cardigan. The most challenging project of 2015! From the picture in my head that appeared in July to a published pattern in December. I am so infinitely grateful for all the support that I got from you these weeks! Reindeer is very special to me and I am happy I gained enough knowledge to share it with you!

10 World Crafters

This year wouldn’t be complete without amazing, talented and stunning women that shared their stories with us here. World Crafters series were opened in March and became one of my favorite parts of the blog. It is about my two favorite things – travel and crafting! Talking with so many talented people and seeing their corners of the world was such an inspiration. Thank you, Zhanna, Alisa, Tatyana, Apollinariya, Tessa, Samantha, Nataly, Olga, Nicole and Anna for making this year so special!

Looking back at 2015, I realize how bright and colorful it was! And I also realize that it wouldn’t be so if not for this place and for you! You inspire, support and encourage me, make me smile and laugh… I started this place just for myself to keep track of my projects, but now I realize that it means so much more to me than just my knitting/crochet journal. I found new friends that share my passion and love for this wonderful craft. This year wasn’t the easiest one, but I learned and am learning so much about who I am.

I am joining last Yarn Along of 2015.

I wish you and your families all the best in 2016!

Thank you for being with me in 2015! It means a lot! I’ll see you in 2016!!!

Love, Alina.